Assassin's Creed Odyssey Will Redefine The Series and is The Most Ambitious Yet

COGconnected: Ubisoft's upcoming Assassin's Creed Odyssey is poised to redefine the entire franchise with a much heavier RPG feel. Curious what that means for you? Check out the 8 new features set to redefine Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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Nu94d ago

Red Dead is better than Ass Creed

SilverDemon94d ago

Dude.... they got nothing common
Why would you bring rdr2 to the conversation?
Do you really hate assassin's Creed (a game) that much that you want to downplay it in any way?

You are a sad human being

Nu94d ago

I hate that Ass Creed Animus sequencing with a passion. It breaks game immersion

joab77794d ago

While AC Origins was great and I loved the new additions, and I am sure that Odyssey will be even better, and this being exactly what AC needed...

This is AC catching up to rpgs today. RDR2 will be pushing open world games forward, not redefining itself. It will FINALLY give us dynamic gameplay this gen. Last gen’s TW3 has us all drooling over this gens possibilities considering dynamism in open world settings, and disregarding Kingdom Come, which tried hard to give us as immersive an experience as possible, this gen has been a bust...until now...and RDR2.

Or these are my hopes lol!

Braindeadninja93d ago

Witcher 3 was last gen?? Go check again

SoulMikeY93d ago

Real confused as to why this weird ass game (which is copy+pasted from origins...) is getting people all excited?

Origins actually stepped up and changed shit. With a good protagonist. This game looks like nothing new, I mean that literally, these areas are in origins. Both of these “characters” look wack, and running around the whole game in a skirt looks lame.

Ceaser985736193d ago

Though i am a fan of Assassins creed but RDR is Love..

J-DARKnes94d ago

Isn't that what they say every time?

lociefer93d ago

Literally same sh*it, different place

PhantomS4293d ago

Except Origins really did redefine the series so if they can improve and add to that then what is the problem?

BenRC0193d ago

No it didn't. It added a crappy weapon colour system.

Razzer93d ago

Origins tweaked the series, but let's not get carried away. It really wasn't that different than those before it other than a more fleshed out skill tree.

lociefer92d ago

"Redefine" is a strong word, it didn't redefine anything, it added little sprinkles on a tired mechanic and that was it.

warriorcase93d ago

Well, yeah. It's not like a dev at a press event is going to put out there "This is less ambitious than the last game and won't be redefining the series".

chris23594d ago

i stopped buying and playing this franchise with ac2. it is beyond me how these games are a thing.

SoulMikeY93d ago

If you genuinely haven’t touched any of them after that, why are you here?

And really, try origins. It doesn’t feel or look like any of the crap before and it makes 2 look bad.

BioShockGX93d ago

If you stopped playing this franchise after playing the best ac game then it's not for you.

Razzer93d ago

"it is beyond me how these games are a thing. "

Because they sell? Beyond me how that isn't obvious.

Repjaws94d ago

"Most ambitious" God I hate that statement now.

stefan_77193d ago

I have a feeling this will be the worst AC yet. Hopefully the next one goes back to the style of precious games

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