EA Origin User Has All His Games Deleted, Proving Dangers Of All Digital Future

"The “all digital future” that companies like Electronic Arts and Microsoft were touting around years ago was never a pro-consumer avenue in the world of electronic entertainment." OneAngryGamer says.

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ImGumbyDammit93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Here are a couple of stories that show the dangers of owning physical media.

1. I had a friend whose house burned down a few years ago and he lost hundreds of games. From PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Wii, and even N64 games. In all about 600 games. Fire swooped in and gone by baby gone went his games. He got little in the way money for those games back from insurance. The only thing that survived was the couple dozen games he bought digitally this generation and all the PSPlus and Xbox Live Gold games. So when he replaced his damaged PS4 he was able to download them again.

2. A work associate told me his 15-year-old son took out one of their cars last year without their permission and crashed it. In order to cover the whole cost of the accident (not just the deductible) his wife to punish the son sold all of the son's video games and comics. About 150 Xbox 360 and Xbox One games in. Lucikly the kid had bought a lot of digital games on his Xbox One so she could not sell those.

3. My personal story deals with an old girlfriend. When COD 4 came out I played that game like 24/7 when I was home. I was obsessed with the game. So much so that even though I had to be meet up with her for a dinner with friends one night I decided to sit down and play COD4. I told myself it would only be a few minutes of gameplay. 4 hours later she comes busting in with tears and that look you know your deadman. I had missed our engagement announcement dinner with our close friends. Luckily she still married me (way of my league by the way) but, that night she took my COD4 disc and cut it half with scissors. Dangers of owning physical media. Luckily she didn't toss my console across the room. Last time I played COD4 for several years was that night.

Skull52192d ago

Benefits of digital far outweigh the negatives. The fight to save physical reminds me of trying to save beta max lol, it's an outdated and inferior method of distribution. It's all going digital within the next 10 years though so whatever.

KyRo92d ago

Skull do you really think console makers are going to miss potential sales in countries without good internet infrastructure? Alot of world don't have great internet as it is. Hell even in the UK some people are playing on seriously slow internet.

You could also say goodbye to competitive pricing on games on consoles because you know that physical game you used to be able to buy £20 cheaper in a shop than on PSN or XBL? Tough because now you have to pay that £20 more because you can't shop around for better game prices, you have to buy it from them or nothing.

Muzikguy92d ago

"Benefits of digital far outweigh the negatives"

No they don't

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago (Edited 92d ago )


I think your simplifying the arguement a bit too much, plus optical media isn't going to be outdated, Betamax is a poor comparison, we've had CDs, DVD, HD DVD, Blu-ray, 4k Blu-Ray, and each new player is compatible with the old optical media. Until the majority have high speed internet at reasonably cheap prices, digital will only be optional.

yomfweeee92d ago

Until there is a way to re-sell digital games, I will never go full digital. Most games I wait until a good sale, play it until I'm bored with it, then sell it for almost as much as I paid for it. A lot of people do this and this is the biggest benefit for physical. In the end I only end up paying like $5 to $10 for most AAA games.

spicelicka92d ago

Am I crazy or are people not understanding that you have the freedom to go all digital with your PERSONAL libraries if you want?

I don't understand what's the purpose of listing negatives of physical media. If you don't like it, buy digital no problem. But why take away the option for others? What's the benefit of shoving your personal preference down someone else's throat?

Mystogan91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Digital is the future. This guy will 100% likely get all his games back if they can see that he owned them which is pretty easy to track. There is no scenario here where he won't get his games back, on the other hand, A cracked disk is gone forever.

This story sounds like complete bullshit. If this guy has all that proof, there is zero reason for EA to refuse to restore his account. I'm gonna call shenanigans on this one.

sammarshall10291d ago

@Skull521 The main benefit that physical will always have over digital is

You own your games

Skull52191d ago

The end-user license agreement for digital is precisely the same as when you purchase a disc. You don't own the games in either case.

4Sh0w91d ago

Mystogan I completely agree. I'm older than most here but a lot of these folks who cry foul about the digital future sound like the old folks when I grew up that just hate change. I've been 100% digital this entire gen, I don't miss discs 1 bit, don't miss the disc scratches, drawers full of dusty discs, going to gamestop to buy a game. Yep every game is right there on my HD, organized and ready to be played whenever. Even better I've got old physical games given to me for free because they were under my gamertag. I love it, Digital is the Future and I will never go back.

Skull52191d ago

Especially now that you have to install games to a hard drive anyway. The digital game installed on my hard drive is the exact same game as the disc you installed on your hard drive.

Dragonscale91d ago

@skull, regardless of licenses I have never had a problem selling or trading my physical games but you'd like to take that option away entirely. How entitled are you corporate slaves who defend an all digital future even though having both options doesn't even affect you. Gtfo with that bullcrap.

Skull52191d ago

Because you people hold on to physical is why digital prices have to remain high, they can’t undercut the costs of discs or Best Buy and the like won’t be able to sell games. Once all digital is here I’ll benefit greatly.

FinalFantasyFanatic90d ago (Edited 90d ago )


"Because you people hold on to physical is why digital prices have to remain high, they can’t undercut the costs of discs or Best Buy and the like won’t be able to sell games. Once all digital is here I’ll benefit greatly."

I really don't believe that, partially because it eliminates some competition, what if you can only get Playstation games through PSN? Or Nintendo games through only the Eshop? ect... What's to keep them honest and stop them from charging whatever they like? What if they never drop prices or have sales? The only competition you'd have is moving to another console which may not be acceptable for some people (they may have invested too heavily into one ecosystem or just can't afford to move all their gaming to another console). What's to stop them from eliminating BC and making you buy your games all over again with each new console iteration?

I find it hard to believe physicals are affecting the price as much as you believe it is, often the physicals are cheaper for me and sometimes digital is when sales are on. I recently bought 4 games for 110 AUD with a discount coupon, I'm looking at 5 digital games which are on sale and half of them are only a few dollars cheaper than their physical counterparts (I'd pay about 100 AUD for all those games), PC gaming is a no go unless decent sales are on for the games I want.

In the end it probably evens out, although the digital should be significantly cheaper since there's less costings going into manufacturing discs, manuals, cases, ect...

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paulomoreira93d ago

And physical will be lost you will not have the chance of getting them back without have to buy them again wile digital you can download them again if you keep the emails that prove that u got them .

annoyedgamer93d ago

Good thing emails can't be lost or hacked.

KyRo92d ago

Nope say that to the countless amount of games that have been pulled from store fronts. You're naive to think they could not just delete game in a simple click.

sampsonon92d ago

anywhere i go i have all my games at my finger tips because of them being digital.

this fact is the reason i only buy digital.

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

Need I remind everyone of PT? The amount of times I had my Instagram hacked (I ended up with a stupidly complicated password now and secondary authentication, so now I always use secondary authentication when it's offered).

Goldby92d ago

I'd say P. T. would like to say hello but it can't because it can't be downloaded anymore.

Godmars29092d ago

Until the servers go down or after the IP exchanges a few hands the new holders come up with a subscription scheme that has you pay for access to games you thought you owned. Or that could happen tomorrow with current IP holders.

ziggurcat92d ago


P.T. isn't a game, though...

Goldby92d ago


P.T. has more content in it than most "games" coming out now, if you can call a game revolving around a singular mode an actual game

Fine, Paragon would love to say hello but cant because not only have the servers been shut down for it, the game is no longer operational.

deno91d ago

That is if the company that made these games still exists or the console manufacture. Think about that .🙇

FinalFantasyFanatic91d ago


I just had a thought, what if the license for a particular series changed hands? What the hell happens then? Do they transfer you to a new service? Do you keep the game and play it through that store? Does it become unplayable? I suppose the question is a non-issue if it's a Steam game, but for Origin, Uplay, ect... It's a different issue.

sammarshall10291d ago

I've never had a PS4 or Xbox One bluray crack ever

3-4-591d ago

Physical prices prices will stay full $60 for years after release and then 3 years later maybe give a 20% discount here and there.

Too much risk with all digital.

I prefer Physical with games I HAVE to have, and then for others I may want to try I go digital.

I'm glad I can play Paladins Digital on my Switch, but I wouldn't want a digital copy of Botw or Mario Odyssey.

I want a physical copy of Dragon Quest XI for both PS4 and Switch, but I'm ok with getting something like Stardew valley or Mega Man collection as a digital game.

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Apocalypse Shadow92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

That was a well written article making great points about the negative effects of a digital only future.

Gumby points out the positives based on his experience but still doesn't address the article and what happens when the company deletes your account and your content. What do you do then when the company ignores your proof of purchase?

Sure, digital has many positives such as saving physical space or save back up. But when that hdd or account is gone, the horror of re-downloading and proof of ownership would be maddening to do when a physical owner can just pop in a disc and play.

Article writer is also right about the censorship of comments by mods that may deem your comment as inappropriate even if it's a negative opinion on a company's practices, on topic and can be proven with a quick Google search.

So, you have to be aware of that and those that comment in threads posing as gamers who are trying to change things for their own company's benefit until they are caught.

steven83r91d ago

Digital does cost more in the long run. Digital games almost never go on sale. Physical copy will go for $30 and digital still $60 when there is no distribution or manufacturing cost. Also buying multiple HDD's will add up. I have a friend who buys all games digital and has about 5 3TB Drives for his Xbox Games. All because he doesn't want to delete them. I don't blame him, have you ever wanted to play a game again only to realize you have to download 60GB and install updates? Ridiculous. Only way digital works is if you can download the entire game off the server and save it to your personal drives making them now "physical" and yours to trade or let people borrow. Also unlimited cloud space.

Cueil91d ago

Lol digital games almost never go out on sale?

lociefer92d ago

As long as you dont plan on having your house burnt every other week, and make stupid life decisions you should be good

Godmars29092d ago

Who "plans" to have their house burn down on a regular basis? And many consider having to pay for a sub for multiplayer, all the "free" games offered via XBL and PSN, questionable if not bad life choices. Literal examples of why a DDL future has good and bad points.

Gh05t92d ago

I dont plan on EA deleting my account every week either so I am good there too.

ziggurcat92d ago

that's not really the argument he's making. if the physical copy somehow manages to get destroyed - however that might happen - you're stuck having to repurchase the game, regardless of the likelihood, stupidity or negligence surrounding the situation.

personally, I've been all digital for 4 years, now, but I would never argue that physical media shouldn't be available - that option should *always* be there. for me, the convenience of digital outweighs the inability to resell/trade the physical copy. and eventually, we will be able to resell our digital copies, anyways.

BlaqMagiq192d ago (Edited 92d ago )

All of your points are purely situational. If you're a responsible person you wouldn't be having any of these problems. These aren't any real negatives against physical.

shinoff218392d ago

I dont think so either but people will still hate

Gh05t92d ago

And EA deleting one persons account was purely situational.

BlaqMagiq191d ago


EA is not the only one to delete accounts. Let's not act like this is the first time this has happened.

Skankinruby91d ago

And the loss of digital games isn't also situational? You make a one sided argument implying that a significant amount of gamers lose their digital library. Quit manipulating common sense.

BlaqMagiq191d ago


It has happened many times for many years. EA is not the first to do this. And yet you think this is situational? Go ahead and keep thinking that way.

Quit manipulating common sense? You just can't accept the fact that I can present an actual argument against digital.

Skankinruby91d ago

Lmao an actual argument? You didn't even actually make one to begin with you just spouted speculative bullshit to fluff what is at best a strawman argument. You physical disc nazis have zero validity to your gum flapping attacks against the obvious future for home entertainment. It accomplishes nothing but giving people who live in the real world a chuckle at your silly ignorance.

Cueil91d ago

Lightning strikes are purely situational but they can burn down your house

BlaqMagiq191d ago (Edited 91d ago )


LMAO spoken like a true ignorant digital shill. I made a clear argument and you can't handle it. Keep defending digital and letting companies control how you own your games. I will be the smart person and continue to own my games with physical.


If you're REALLY that worried about lightning hitting your house and catching fire, get a lightning rod and a fire extinguisher. Problem solved.

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92d ago
sprinterboy92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Nice read that fella, 25 DISLIKES as I comment what boring bastards. Although I agree they are rare cases (pun intended) they are actually possible and good valid points.
Off topic, I lost a £40,000 a year job playing half life 2 for 3 weeks without once calling in sick 🤔
Edit: my friend also missed the birth of his 1st child playing "doom 3" his son thinks its a hilarious story to tell now at party's and we laugh about it all the time but his wife was not best pleased at the time allthough she sees the funny side now haha as they have a great family bond with gaming as a family with the children

jimbost7992d ago

Good valid points? Are you serious? Missing the birth of your child to play doom 3? Losing a job for half life 2?

Seriously lightning could strike my house and destroy everything so i should go digital only?
I might get mugged on the way home from game shop with my game so i should go digital?
Absolutely pathetic reasons. If your missing your childs birth or losing jobs to play games then you seriously need to get your priorities sorted out.

jimbost7992d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Cmon mate those are lame reasons to choose digital over physical.
1. I mean if your house has burnt down and you've lost everything, then surely the last thing you would care about is your games. Your family, wife, kids nowhere to live and you're thinking of your games?
2. As responsible adults who buy games then this isn't an issue. That little shit deserves more than his games taken away, luckily he didnt kill anyone.
3. That is simply you being a twat.

The "dangers" of owning physical media. Lol. The dangers of owning anything in case it breaks is akin to what your saying.

Digital has its benefits but 9 times out of 10 id choose physical.

CBaoth92d ago

you can always tell Xbox biased fans. They always speak in absolutes, like Sith lords lol. Outlandish answers to the extreme with no middle ground. An all digital future will be coming, maybe as soon as 15 years. But there's no reason both can't co-exist in the interim. I'm sure we'll hear many more horror stories during this slow transition.

jimbost7992d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Lol yea. 3 reasons to go all digital are
1. In case your house burns down
2 its illegal for you to drive and youve stole your parents car, so they cant sell your games.
3. You prioritize cod over your engagement party.
Outlandish lol
No doubt all digital is the future tho, even tho i dont like it.

JackBNimble92d ago

I'm sure there are far more people out there who have lost, broken or had their game collection stolen then there are people who have had their account deleted for no apparent reason.
I'm not advocating for a digital only future but like CBaoth said I can't see why both can't coexist.

Things like this are the rare extreme and I didn't read anywhere of an explanation as to why this gamers account was deleted. In fact I have never heard of an account just being deleted.

I actually had my psn account stolen and I have thousands of dollars worth of games and dlc. Sony reps helped me immediately and after the 10 Or 15 minute phone call I had everything back.

optimus91d ago

@ cbaoth... actually, there is a reason they can't it costs money to make and distribute physical games. money that could cost publishers millions of dollars yearly not counting advertising. if you look at current sales of the medium digital sales of games have surpassed physical. it's a no brainer for publishers. just like game manuals have disappeared from game boxes to save money so too will physical discs...the way things are going, i think all this will happen in the next 3-5 years and not 15.

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KillBill92d ago

I remember once I had near all my AAA collection of game disks in a CD carry case while I was traveling. I went to the restroom and had left them in the stall on the counter that is in there. Lucky for me right before I boarded my flight it dawned on me that I didn't have them. I ran back and found them right in the stall where i left them... I was so lucky nobody else found them first.

343_Guilty_Spark92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

All true. An angry GF can’t break my digital games

Imalwaysright92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Stopped reading on the 1st line. Really a burned house? I bet that one of the last things on your friend's mind was his library of games.

ImGumbyDammit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Why did have to be on his mind the first moment it happened. You are nitpicking. Like everything in life it came in waves of realizations. I never said he just went straight to "oh my god, my games". Don't be a dumbass. It hit him later on. I suppose like most people that collected games they were an important part of his life. Besides the house, where he was going to live, documents and few personal items, games meant thousands of dollars in media that in most cases weren't going to be replaced especially with what insurance was going to give him. Those memories were important part of his life from 13 to mid 30's. I swear you listen to people here how important their game collection is here "do or die" talk but when I point how distressed my friend was after losing tha collection somehow those very same people seem to call out my friend for being upset about it as silly that he valued and cherrished them. Pick a lane supporters of physical media.

The point is a physical item can lost and damged. And just like this case of deleted digital account fire or theft is rare case but it is case that is more likely to happen then this digital slippery slope argument everybody keeps propping up and saying "See I told you!!". So, unless you can show us thousands of times this digtial lost has happened (all games not just EA games and not rectified/recovered) it is still extremely less likely to happen then the rare cases of losing physical. To put in perspective. There are 352,000 houses destroyed a year in fires just in the USA alone in 2016. How many of those that year meant somebody lost their physical games 10, 20,30,100, 1,000's or more? Well that is 10,20,30, or more than this digital slippery slope argument will show happening at the end of the day. With 130 million housing units in Ameriac (that includes individual apartments, condos, etc..) and mixin around 40 million PS4 in America and millions of Xbox Ones, PS3s, Xbox 360s. I am willing to be bet a resonable percentage of fires take out a lot of consoles and PCs each year.

CDbiggen92d ago

A friend just the other day asked to borrow tekken 3 for ps1 because I've kept all my old games safe. Then we talked about the case, manual and disc and how awesome it was.
But the thing is, it's no longer on the PS store (At least not in Europe). This also links into the ROM/emulator thing - some of these games get removed for whatever reason from their digital stores and become much harder to get.
Maybe I'm out of touch, but I'll always want a physical copy.

SenorFartCushion92d ago

Middle class wankers can rub up to the concept all they like but physical is what helps all gamers game; even those who can only afford a few games a year.

xX1NORM1Xx92d ago

mate the last one is tragic as fuck how the hell could you do that to her? if that story is real you are a mess...

ImGumbyDammit91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Believe me I here about it all the time. It is is her back up argument. But, lets be real it was friends I did not like, Actually none of her other friends like them either. Actually she doesn't talk to them either any longer. It was her clibbing frirends who at 35 are still heavy partiers and haven't grown up and live for the weekends to party. If it was her family or any life long best friends she would have ended it or at least it would have taken a lot more grovelling than I had to do this engagement party. This is also why I tell people never get married before 30 (I was 24) you just don't have all your youth temptations removed and haven't drainned that stupidty out of you by then. The funny thing if it was her best friends we were having dinner with that night I probably wouldn't have missed this gathering because he was one of the people I was playing online COD 4 with that night.

FITSniper92d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Yeah two of your "negative" stories are in no way negatives. They are "people were held accountable" stories.

The first one though is easily handled by talking to whoever you get your homeowners policy from and adding a rider in there to cover your collections or games. I did just that with my comic book "collection".

The 10th Rider91d ago

Yeah, in the second story the fact that the individual had a collection of physical games should be seen as a *positive* to any responsible adult.

haydenlake92d ago

Cool story, bro. Where’s your point?

If you lose your account then it’s bye bye games. If you piss off the overlords it’s not only bye bye games but bye bye services and access.

I make backups of all my physical games and keep the originals in an underground vault.

yomfweeee92d ago

First of all, your examples really have nothing to do with a company's inability to just take all your things away from you because of a digital license. They're just anecdotal points. One could just as stupidly loss access to their accounts because they forgot their password and/or security questions.

Secondly, you pay way more with digital (for consoles). Even if you lost some games, you could replace them and you probably wouldn't be out anymore money than had you bought digital.

JackBNimble92d ago

Since when has anyone ever just had there games that they paid for taken away because of licensing?


And there is something not right with this story as well. I am willing to bet the gamer in this story isn't being completely truthful about the situation.

yomfweeee92d ago

NEVER? You're delusional. Sony and Microsoft have killed Live and PSN accounts before. Steam bans accounts all the time. You lose it all. You break their terms, you can lose your account and library. This happens often.

JackBNimble91d ago

Stay on track buddy.
You were talking out your ass about licensing not about bans.

You don't and won't loss your games when the license expires. They pull the game from the online stores but if you have deleted the game you actually are still able to redownload it.

Secondly, I never mentioned anything about bans to you. I am sure some people get banned. But most bans are temperary and if you are one who actually got a permanent ban, then you probably did something very serious.
Even then you would only be banned online and wouldn't lose your games unless your games were online only.

It's people like you who spread fear and complete misinformation. Educate yourself because you have no idea what you are talking about.

yomfweeee91d ago

Stay on track? They are directly related. You lose your account for any reason (your fault or theirs), you lose your games. How is that not related? That doesn't happen with physical EVER.

Now you're downplaying bans as well. Bans have been permanent. Regardless of bans, people have lost accounts for no reason. This article is not the first occurrence like you make it out to believe.

rainslacker91d ago (Edited 91d ago )


I can't download a copy of R-Types, which was the first game I ever brought digital on the PS3. It happens, although its rare that a game is removed from the ability to download if one has brought it.

There are quite a few stories of Sony banning people's accounts, often because they do a charge back, or claim fraud in some ways. While that can sometimes be remedied, it isn't always, and in some of those cases, Sony has stripped people of their entire PSN collection.

MS shut down GFWL, and they aren't available to download legally anymore. They did allow people to download patches to remove the DRM involved, but if you lost that data, then you're SOL to get it through legal means.

But the point is, it's not NEVER. Its also not exceedingly well.

A persons collection can be taken away though if they break the rules of whatever service they reside on. If your account is banned, then you don't have access to them anymore.

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Snakeking3392d ago

For storyline 1 they had insurance that pay for them. 2 it was good he had physical copy because I would have sold more then that. And 3 you shouldn’t have had a girlfriend like that if she didn’t want to see you play games all day