Why I’m Not Excited for Red Dead Redemption II

Red Dead Redemption II is an upcoming game from legendary game studio Rockstar who produced classics such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and Bully. Millions of fans anticipate this game excitedly but I personally can’t help but feel uninterested.

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ArchangelMike1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

No doubt RDR2 will have an online mode, but I think R* and specifically Take Two, know that it can't compete with GTA Online.

It's clear that R* have crafted a solid single player experience, and I don't think they've crimped it for the sake of multiplayer. Admittedly, any single player expansion packs (Undead Nightmare 2?) might instead be online multiplayer content, but as long as the RDR2 single player experience is robust and offers multiple play-through options (which they usually do) then I don't really see the problem.

GTA V is a stellar game that can be fully enjoyed without playing the multiplayer at all, I think RDR2 will offer so much gameplay options that you don't have to worry about multiplayer if you don't want to.

HaveSumNuts1685d ago

It's going to be an amazing game but let's be honest, they are going to milk the online mode to the max just like GTA5 and the price of the game will not go down from launch price for the next 3 years. GTA5 actually costs more than Horizon Zero Dawn right now

Skull5211685d ago

GTA is a higher quality game so it only makes sense.

generic-user-name1685d ago

If Horizon sold as crazy well as GTA V did, and still does, then it would be full price too years later.

YodaCracker1685d ago

GTA V doesn’t just cost more than Horizon. It also sells more even though it’s been out for 5 years.

bouzebbal1685d ago

I think it's going to be good but i have many games in my back log and games coming out in more excited about than RDR2.

I think Dragon Quest 11 will take all of my time

bouzebbal1684d ago

Nintendo does the same with their games..
dragon quest 8 a 2004 game on 3DS costs 40€ still..

dRanzer1684d ago

Yes GTA is better then SoT.but you kknew it already

fiveby91684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

There's always a contrarian (speaking of the author). I am looking forward to RDR2. Don't care if it's not a perfect game. I imagine it will be very good though.

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SharpCT1685d ago

Keep in mind.... when you pre order Red dead redemption 2 it DOES NOT offer you Red Dead online money. It instead offers you GTA 5 online money. That is a very good sign!!

It’s not going to be like GTA 5 online for the sole fact that they know it cannot compete with it. Reasons are:
1: two different fan bases.
2: young kids are not going to be into the old west as much as gta 5
3: rockstar they want to give a hard core game to its core fan base. Mainly older people
4. The old west cannot be Monetized as much as a modern day world like Los Santos
5. Only so much ideas

It will be like Red Dead Redemption online but on crack 8 years later. Look for them to focus on the death matches, game modes, horse races and activities etc

You will be able to explore the world with your friends of course. But I can see RDR 2 online being more of a competive one considering the death matches for gta 5 suck..

Zeke681684d ago

Preorder Online bonuses. They are going to milk the crap out of this one, that I'm sure off;

The Red Dead Redemption 2: Ultimate Edition delivers all of the Story Mode content from the Special Edition plus additional bonuses for online including:

Bonus Outfits: Get two exclusive outfits for your online character. The Blackrose Bounty Hunter Outfit features a long oxblood-colored coat, a vest with gold pocket watch chain, and dark pants tucked into chocolate leather boots. The Copperhead Enforcer Outfit features a fur-lined saddle-brown leather waistcoat, two-tone gloves, and pinstripe black pants tucked into black leather boots.

Black Chestnut Thoroughbred: Outrun the competition with this thoroughbred racehorse in a striking black chestnut coat and also receive the exclusive High Plains Cutting Saddle beautifully crafted in jet-black leather with gold metal accents. This horse and saddle are available in online.

Free Access to the Survivor Camp Theme: Customize your own personal Camp in online with free access to the Survivor theme.

Free Access to Additional Weapons: Get access to the Volcanic Pistol, Pump Action Shotgun and Lancaster Varmint Rifle, free of charge from Gunsmiths in online.

Rank Bonuses: As a great start for all Ultimate Edition players, you can rank up faster in online, up to rank 25.

Ceaser98573611684d ago

There will be another article saying Why I'm excited about RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 .. lol!

Silly Mammo1684d ago

Yep! It's tired, worn-out gaming website strategy.

Cobra9511684d ago

Yes, it is stellar; but don't forget it was conceived, designed and created before the online market pulled them wholly into the monetized online world. No such luck for RDR 2.

Count_Bakula1684d ago

"Admittedly, any single player expansion packs (Undead Nightmare 2?) might instead be online multiplayer content"

Yep that's what disappoints me. God, I'll snap if they do an UD Nightmare and it's for online only.

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strayanalog1685d ago

So the main points here is that we still know next to nothing (features, etc), but typical online game stuff (special items, cash bonuses), and you aren't sure if it is a single player game, because it can't be confirmed or denied at this point, and you think Take-Two will focus on the online portion instead of the single-player experience because no single player expansions hit Grand Theft Auto 5?

I'm not sure how you qualify a legitimate worry, but I think you're doing it wrong. Gameplay was shown recently with all kinds of details, and considering this is a video game sequel, I expect refined features from the last and an expanded world, which we got from the video. I know the social gaming world can be amazing because of the slew of info, but quite frankly in my opinion, we don't need to know absolutely everything about a video game. Surprises should be welcomed, not looked down on.
Considering how Red Dead Redemption is a celebration of the western mythos, whereas Grand Theft Auto is a parody of American culture, I would argue that there will be expansions to this game because of the amount of content one could create. Grand Theft Auto just happens to lend itself to online more, because, again, it's a parody in a modern world.

Now as for the single player confirmed or denied bit.. dude.

MichaelPyre1685d ago

Yeah I saw gameplay trailer and I founded quite disappointing.

nommers1685d ago

I think it's mostly the setting that's the problem. At least for me. The characters are limited to old-timey southern gents and gals, and a lot of them look, sound and interact in a way that is generic and bland. The gameplay, while it may be done well, has its limits because of the time period so they can only do so much. There's a longer time period spent doing things you could easily bypass in GTA. It also doesn't help RDR that the very essence of traveling in GTA has more thrills to it's concept.

strayanalog1685d ago

Very understandable, but what were you really expecting from this genre? In my opinion, most players don't play games like Grand Theft Auto for its story. Most of the time, the world, setting, and characters is what stands out the most, with the story serving as a means to interact with that world. Each sandbox installment is - arguably - a baby step in the right direction, so disappointment is always sure to follow when we don't have the reinvention of the wheel (not that you wanted that).
From what I've seen, Red Dead Redemption 2 is simply trying to refine itself, like most sequels, while trying to tell a compelling story, which is something GTA typically doesn't need/want to do because Rockstar knows why most play that particular series. I have no doubt players will enjoy this game that loved the first outing, just as I am sure the community will deem someone a black sheep that sees it differently, but every fan will return to give it a play because they loved the setting or simply the character of John Marston. As sorry as I am that you were disappointed from the trailer, I just saw it from what it was - another chance to revisit a world I missed.

Chaos_Order1685d ago

I'm not excited for RDR2 but that's because I didn't like the first game. *Shrugs* Just not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

MONOLITHICIDE1685d ago (Edited 1685d ago )

As i agree with you. I also disagree. I thought Red Dead Redemption was a great game. But for some reason never held me on for long. For Red Dead Redemption 2 im definetly excited for whats too come. I only watched the recent gameplay trailer and thats all im going to do. Not watching the others that will release. I want to go in completly immersed this time. Finding my own game.

Sam Fisher1685d ago

Agree, especially if they still keep those clunky controls

chiefJohn1171685d ago

I was hyped for the first but never bought it and didn't play it till this gen. I'm hype for rdr2 but tbh don't be surprised if I don't get it. Idk what it is. It's the only game I'll be hype for but not in a rush to buy

psuedo1685d ago

because you dont know what your missing

TheDriz1684d ago

I think it’s rock star fatigue. It will have new features but at its core it’s another rock star game

lociefer1684d ago

oh god, i was beginning to think i'm not normal for not liking rdr, glad other people feel that way too. i pushed myself to finish it as i bought into the hype and all the 9s and 10s thinking it will get better the more i play, but for me it was boring as hell

Chaos_Order1684d ago

I feel bad because I was bought it as a birthday present by my best buddy, didn't have the heart to tell him I didn't like it. It's actually a common trend of games he buys me without me asking. Far Cry 3, Assassin's Creed Black Flag... "You've gotta play this mate, you'll love it!" And pretty much every time I don't. XD

lociefer1684d ago

LMFAO poor guy xD , but ya i agree with u, these games were meh

OB1Biker1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

What I didn't like in RDR is the gameplay mechanics felt 'old' to me for some reason. I'm very excited for RDR2 because I'm hoping it feels a lot more intuitive I'd say, and its more of a RPG as I understand it. That is in the way you play and the immersive world.

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mkis0071685d ago

Im tired of these titles on articles. They are always so contrarian for clicks.

Steveoreno11685d ago

Yeah gaming journalism is a joke nowadays

TheDriz1684d ago

Or it’s somebody who doesn’t think like the rest? Good on him