Nintendo Has Sold Over 300 Million Home Consoles

Gamnesia writes: As of Nintendo's last official update on June 30th, Nintendo home consoles sales have just passed up the 300 million mark. See how it all breaks down!

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masterfox160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Shouldn't Nintendo sale amount be way more higher ?, I mean PlayStation is at 500 mills and it was released in 1994, NES was released 1983 at least 11 year head start .... oh yeah I forgot Nintendo's anti technology idealism, oh well.

Erimgard160d ago

This is home consoles only. The article breaks down handhelds as well. Combined, it's well over 700 million.

uptownsoul160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Nintendo has sold over 300 Million home consoles over 7 generations (6 completed gens & the Switch gen)...

PlayStation has sold over 400 Million home consoles over 4 generations (3 completed gens & the PS4 gen)…

Xbox has sold give or take 165 Million** home consoles over 3 generations (2 completed gens & the XB1 gen)…(**Xbox's numbers are clearly harder to calculate b/c OG Xbox & Xbox One numbers can only be guesses/estimates)

Erimgard160d ago

Nintendo has 300 million home consoles sold and 427 million handheld consoles sold for a total of 727.11 million.

masterfox160d ago

Not talking about handhelds here, really not relevant imo since this gaming industry is what it is today mostly because of game consoles, this is me being based in what handheld game has cause huge impact like a game console game, exactly none. ;)

uptownsoul160d ago

Nintendo has sold 727.65 Million total consoles (home & handheld) in 35 years (20.79 Million per year)
PlayStation has sold 525.30 Million total consoles (home & handheld) in 24 years (21.88 Million per year)

Italiano1234567159d ago

Right now if u just count sonys 4 home consoles they are at 427 million

DJK1NG_Gaming159d ago

It's only not relevant because it would put it above PlayStation total which the recent 500 million included PSP and Vita.
So therefore you need to stop cherry picking.

Born2Game83159d ago

All the fanboys arguing over which plastic box sold more than the other. What tangible reward do you get out of Sony or Nintendo selling millions and millions of console? NOTHING.

UltraNova159d ago

To answer your question, the more units they sell the more money they'll throw on the next console with better features and games for us to be convinced to buy one. The end result is pretty clear, they succeed and make money, we get to buy better hardware and software.

Tapani159d ago


What really counts is the margin Nintendo sold each console vs. Sony’s for these hardware numbers to be comparable. Nintendo probably had a much higher mark up.

However, Sony’s digital services probably have much larger volume than Nintendo. Switch is a gold mine on the digital front again, though.

Comparing oranges and apples here. They are all consoles, but the business model has fundamentally always been different. You have to look close to see that.

Realms159d ago

Why bring up handhelds? Nintendo has never really had any real competition on that front even Sony's attempts have been miscalculating because they have always tried to fit too much technology into handhelds making them too expensive as to compete with Nintendo's always less expensive hardware.

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Moonman159d ago


Nintendo SAVED an industry that was dying when it bravely released it's NES. It paved the way for those that followed in a much more flourishing industry by the mid 90's. ;p

mcstorm159d ago

Yep people forget things like this all the time.

Just like when Bill Gates saved Apple who went on to push the mp3 and phone market and be as big as they are today.

LucasRuinedChildhood159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

And Sony saved us from Nintendo. Nintendo made (and still make) great games but they weren't fit to have that level of control over the industry. They tried to prevent games handling mature themes, violence, etc. They wanted the violence to be toned down in Goldeneye and for the game to end with Bond shaking hands with all his enemies in a hospital. And this was during a time when the PlayStation was already forcing them to accept change. The PlayStation was as much a revolution as the NES was. Gaming would be far different today without it. People forget about that. lol. The NES also only "saved" gaming in America, not Europe.

Razzer159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

lol.....Nintendo didn't "save" anything. They created an opportunity for themselves in the console market when Atari, Intellivision, etc. failed. And the fact is PC gaming still thrived during the CONSOLE crash.

Moonman159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Like I said, NINTENDO NES SAVED THE HOME CONSOLE MARKET. Go to any gaming history video on Youtube and let all the industry icons tell you what I just said! lmfao

Mr_Writer85159d ago

"you either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain".

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King_Noctis159d ago

If they discuss handheld as well Sony would bite the dust.

159d ago
masterfox159d ago

Well just to let you know, you are happily playing your console games in healthy in a successful game industry not because handhelds is because consoles and more precisely thanks to Sony Playstation brand, if Playstation didn't exist and only Nintendo this industry would be a mediocre kinda toy industry sadly and all because Nintendo Anti technology idealism, won't go into detail why would be like that cause don't want this post to be any longer.
And that is a true statement ;)

King_Noctis158d ago


We are still talking about console sale, aren’t we? If you want to talk about making games, you think only Sony is capable of making adult games?

zypher158d ago

To be fair, Nintendo has released twice as many handhelds.

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Neonridr159d ago

masterfox you are such a deluded moron. So Sony can include handhelds in their 500 million plus but Nintendo can't? Jesus, stop fanboying so hard. You can't have it both ways.

Grow the f up

masterfox159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

dude chill up no need for the harsh words, I'm just throwing the facts :(

Neonridr158d ago

no you aren't, you are changing your narrative each and every time to suit your ridiculous ideologies.

Give it a rest.

Segata159d ago

If you include all the systems then they are over 800 million.

RosweeSon159d ago

Possibly/probably but then Nintendo never used to sell 100 million consoles handhelds sure but nes/snes/n64/GameCube all were 20/60 million consoles sold Wii sold 100 million. They still sold an impressive amount of consoles and the games to go with it Sony Sony have done massively well with 500 million 4 Home consoles.
Xbox on 3rd gen and be lucky to have sold 150 million currently so compared to Sony who consistently sell 100 million home consoles when they release one, except PS3 as Xbox 360 gave it a great run for its money but Microsoft got some serious catching up to do.

rainslacker158d ago

The snes and nes were from a time where console sales didn't hit anywhere close to what they do now. Sony brought the console into the mainstream with the ps1, which is why it sold so much. Nintendo also had several duds in there in terms of sales which prevented them from keeping up.

deafdani158d ago

"what handheld game has cause huge impact like a game console game, exactly none. ;)"

One word for you, buddy:


Inform yourself better next time before making embarrassing claims.

RyanDJ158d ago

I’ll add the Game Boy Tetris to the was in every Game Boy.
Maybe not 100% for it but DK’94 showed how to do depth of content.
Link’s Awakening was an amazing feat and still one of my favorite Zelda’s period.
And even if we loathe them, free-to-plays such as Fortnite got started on mobile devices with the freemium model.

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hench07160d ago

Thats just home consoles, with handheld Nintendo would likely be close to double Playstation numbers.

Not only do the have the highest rated games they also have the most sales too.

AspiringProGenji160d ago

The Higuest rated games sounds like a lot hmn.

PhoenixUp160d ago

- 727.65 million is only 28% more than 525.30 million, which is no where close to double the numbers.

- PS2 is the first console with over a billion sales in software

Imalwaysright159d ago

Yeah due to third party games, not Sony games. Nintendo games sell much more than Sony or MS games who as publishers have 2 or 3 games in the list of the 50 best selling games of all time... combined while Nintendo has 30 or so games.

mkis007159d ago

platform is key. Without a good platform you cant sell a billion.

Moonman159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Imalwaysright is well....right! haha

As many Sony fans would love to say Nintendo platforms are Mario and Zelda machines, how on earth can you spin Sony platforms are not Grand Theft Auto machines when that game has sold the most on PlayStation each and every generation? Call Of Duty, Madden and FIFA as well. In fact, most people who buy PlayStation didn't buy it for first party....until around PS3 and PS4. But still third party is the reason MOST people buy a PlayStation.

mkis007158d ago


Sony doesn't make them IE available on other consoles IE why would people need a PlayStation if it was just for multiplatform games. Case in point right now MS has the X, the most powerful console available. PS4 is still powering through in hardware sales and software sales. Meaning the diverse lineup is what is selling the console. Nintendo has been selling consoles using the same characters since the nes...and rarely do they venture outside of those names with a new ip.

Sony uses a few ps2 era Ip's still, but it reinforces those with a big new ips every generation. horizon, Bloodborne, Dreams, The order, Knack, Until Dawn, Ghosts, Death Stranding, Days Gone, Spiderman, and Detroit. They aren't all successful ( 2-3 were flops) but Sony is the only one experimenting and taking so many risks with new developers. They are not afraid to give franchises long breaks like God War, Infamous, sly, jack, LBP, Resistance, or socom.

TLDR Your logic is terribly constructed. No one has to buy a ps4 for the games you mentioned, so therefore it can't be the same as a Nintendo-box.

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TomatoDragon159d ago

Shame the article was only talking about home consoles then, huh? :-)

Skankinruby159d ago

They could have perfect 10's across the board, still doesn't change the mario/zelda redundancies mixed with gimmicky controls they have completely become dependent on

bumbleforce159d ago

If you count handhelds apple and Samsung beat nintendo. Sonys numbers would be higher too if they count pap and vita sales. While we are at it let's count windows sales numbers aince they play games and xbox is a windows counsel. It would be in the billions

King_Noctis159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I didn’t know Apple and Samsung make handheld console? I also didn’t know that Windows is a hardware console.

mkis007159d ago

Nintendo has also been making games consoles for 11 more years... that is 2 more generations. Then you add in the number of handhelds and of course Nintendo is on top they have released how many game boy generations? vs Sonys 2 handhelds? Nintendo has 30% higher numbers just by virtue of having released more consoles.

Mr_Writer85159d ago


Counting isn't for you mate.

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PhoenixUp160d ago

Nintendo’s first home console was the 1977 Color TV-Game. The system sold 3 million and would mean Nintendo’s been in the gaming hardware business for 41 years, not 35 years.

Erimgard159d ago

As the article clearly states, this is going by Nintendo's officially released info on their Investor Relations page. They're not counting the Color TV-Game, so we're not either.

Moonman159d ago

Switch is going to continue to add to this number. I love Nintendo history. :)

Aenea159d ago ShowReplies(4)

Switch is the best console I've ever owned. Being able to take my experience anywhere I want on the go is incredible. Nintendo has a bright future indeed!

Shuckylad159d ago

You can’t say that here.....clearly

Adnanilyas21159d ago

I played my switch on the TV yesterday, is it really just a handheld?

Moonman159d ago

Yet this article included Switch in this total. Fail to read?

Teflon02159d ago

switch shouldn't count as a home console. I can pick up a psp and play on a tv. Mind you, I have switch, but it's a dockable handheld. Not a home console. Nintendo finessed the ones who'd fall for it

kneon159d ago


I used to play my psp on a TV, is it really just a handheld?

eagle21159d ago

@Teflon02, remote play on PSP was laughable and barely was stable.

Aenea159d ago

Don't be silly, it's a hybrid...

Loktai159d ago

Dragonscale, even a PSP can connect to a TV ....

Dragonscale159d ago

@adnan, you can play both the vita and psp on the tv and are both classed as handheld. The switch is no different lol.

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TomatoDragon159d ago ShowReplies(3)