1UP: Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia Review

1UP writes: "First off, the game's lone new heroine, Shanoa, represents a massive deviation from the series' whip-crackin', all-male Belmont bloodline -- she's a dutiful, emotionless acolyte who wields amazing magical abilities in lieu of a flail. Her clever "glyph" powers completely redefine the nature of Castlevania combat: Rather than fighting with physical weapons, Shanoa must cash in her ever-regenerating MP to manifest the powers of equipped glyphs. You can have two different weapon glyphs and one ability (magical attack, enemy summon, etc.) ready at any time, and certain glyphs can be combined for even more devastating effects. And although Shanoa amasses a sizable arsenal of glyphs, equipment, and items during her adventure, you rarely feel the obvious collect-a-thon vibe that infiltrated the otherwise excellent Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow".

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