Black Desert Online Reveals Gorgeous “Remastered” Graphics; Male Ranger Officially Announced & More

Pearl Abyss has presented a ton of changes coming to Black Desert Online, which will be "remastered" with renewed graphics, music, and more.

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Vasto95d ago

This is going to look so good on Xbox One X.

menghina94d ago

yea 15fps on xbox x even on high end pc's this game runs like crap :D

gamer780494d ago

Cause there is no such thing as optimization per consoles...

rainslacker93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I'm not sure this company knows how to optimize. Game is stunning, even in its original form, but it is a resource hog.

ILostMyMind94d ago

Is the floor made of glass?

OneLove94d ago

Thought we would've had a release date for xbox by now. Smh

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