Can Naughty Dog Top God of War With The Last of Us Part 2?

The bar has been raised by Santa Monica’s latest game for everyone else- including Naughty Dog.

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ArchangelMike163d ago

I like the way God of War is the new industry standard, but it's a trap to begin comparing and competing with games in very different genres. Naughty Dog will do Naughty Dog; and as much as there is some comradery between the two studios, I doubt they are in any real competition with each other- and neither should they be.

God of War was roaring success, not because they were trying to beat anyone else, but because they wanted to innovate on what they had already done previously. Similarly, the Last of Us 2 will be a roaring success, not because Naughty Dog will be competing with anyone else, but because they are seeking to innovate on what they have done previously.

That's the best recipe for success. Developers that jump on a band wagon (Battle Royal anyone?) usually lack creativity and innovation, and their products are usually sub-par.

pcz163d ago

Its not hard to top GOW. its just button mashing. Not really much difference from Golden Axe on the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Unreal01163d ago

I nearly choked on my Cornetto reading this. A+ trolling from this man.

doggo84163d ago

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better

ArchangelMike163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

Dude seriously, don't expose yourself in public like that, at least put some pants on or something. It's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for you.

TheKingKratos163d ago

Button mashing ??
thank you for confirming that you never played it

jukins163d ago

Clearly you havent played God of war on ps4 if ever. Button mash in this god of war you'll be restarting in no time

Sitdown163d ago

Yeah, my many deaths confirm that either 1) it's more than button mashing 2) I'm mashing the wrong buttons. I'm going to go with #1.

StormSnooper162d ago

Lol button mashing. Haven’t played it huh.

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kevnb163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

battle royale band wagon? There’s only a few, there are thousands of third person adventure/shooting games.

ArchangelMike163d ago

Because a game is made in a certain genre (RPG, FPS, TPS, RTS etcetc) doesn't mean the dev is jumping on a band wagon. It's when they copy aspects of other games, such as game modes, art styles and motifs, story beats etc. A good example is Zombie games - it doesn't really matter what genre the game is set in, zombie games have been done to death, and it's really hard to make an original zombie game as it's probably already been done before.

rainslacker163d ago

BR is old news. It's been out just over a year now. Obviously its well past its prime. /s

BR is suffering from the fate of becoming popular quickly. People who like to seem they aren't bandwagoners start to hate it for no reason. As if it somehow takes away from them, even though it really doesn't, and if anything, just gives a chance to get more in the future. Kind of like the Zombie craze in FPS MP. BR will be a game mode going forward, and become the new Horde mode for this generation.

rainslacker163d ago

Its friendly competition. The best kind. Where two companies try to outdo one another, but don't try to run the other out of business.

monkeyporn162d ago

Uh Sorry but I don't agree that GOW "Is the new industry standard" I still feel like TLOU is the Industry Standard. I also beleive that TLOU II will carrying on that mantel.

ArchangelMike162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

I didn't mean to say that God of War WAS the new industry standard, but was just pointing out that media outlets are holding it up as such, and comparing it's success to that of upcoming games. You must have seen articles like, "Will Spiderman sell more than God of War?" etc etc.

Personally, for me there was just much more narrative depth and character development in TLOU than in GOW. However, gameplay wise GOW wins hands down.

The great thing is that as a Playstation owner, I get to enjoy both franchises and don't have to pick a favourite :)

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rivaldoo777163d ago

Well CDPR claimed they admired the works from R* and now they have come to par or surpassed in open world quality IMO. same can be said for SSM cuz their recent GOW was heavily influenced by NDs TLOU. So anything can be possible. But I'm just too biased toward ND games, and still to this day, my favorite ps4 game is still U4.even though GOW was great, it really didn't hit me with that emotional resonance which I believe ND will deliver yet again with the TLOUP2. Cant wait to experience the right/wrong morale and "everything happens for a reason" narrative.

AcidDvl163d ago

"Well CDPR claimed they admired the works from R* and now they have come to par or surpassed in open world quality "

Respect to your opinion, but I strongly disagree with that.

showtimefolks163d ago

I 2nd that CDPR are great but not on par or surpassed R*.

ArchangelMike162d ago

Have you played The Witcher 3? With all due respect there hasn't been a Rockstar game that has had such high production values in every category you care to name.

I'm hoping that RDR2 will surpass The Witcher 3, but until it does CDPR holds the Gold Standard because of TW3. Moreover if the rumours of Cyberpunk 2077 are anything to go by, then they will continue to hold the gold standard for some time.

blacktiger162d ago

They also claim they will never release, go figure get it... They keep doing the talk, no one cares,

Skankinruby163d ago

If it's anything remotely close to the quality of the first one they will most definitely top god of war

DrumBeat163d ago

This. I thought God of War was good, but I thought The Last of Us was absolutely incredible. I believe Naughty Dog will set that bar even higher now.

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monkeyporn163d ago (Edited 163d ago )

OMG ! Are you serious ? Is this really a question ? Of course TLOU II is going to be the most outstandingly awesomest video game created up to the date in time when it is released. I have no doubt that it will like its predecessor destroy the competition and dominate every other game out there. Just from the small bits I've seen I can tell Naughty Dog has taken TLOU to a whole another level ! It looks to be more realistic and visceral and more deadly, it will be like NO other game out there just as TLOU was when it came out and I feel it will like its predecessor continue to set the bench mark for what a video game should be.

Number-Nine163d ago

I want naughty dog to top naughty dog

The Wood163d ago

healthy infighting ftw.....simple

PhantomS42163d ago

9/10 times they always do.