Fortnite Android Beta: Can't Say It's A Good Start Afterall

No wonder they say Beta Test participants are nothing but a group of guinea pigs in a Lab - you thought it's a privilege to take the first sip, they are grateful for what you did for the trial. Works perfectly for the big pharma, so does game industry.

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joab77767d ago

Just releasing a game on so many different phones must be a nightmare.

Th3Syn67d ago

That article is poorly written. My word.

Whitey2k67d ago

No it ain't I got am s8+ and Mark my words the lag on it is terrible I can't even kill on it

inxine66d ago

im not sure yet. it surely is nice to play everywhere but... id rather plac on my pc. smartphone gaming in general isnt my thing cause of the small screen and stuff.