Wii Music sells TWO copies in Houston today

Sarcastic Gamer writes:

"On a whim, I called Gamestop today, to ask how Wii Music was selling.

The game went on sale today.

"I have a huge stack sitting on the counter, but so far we haven't sold a single one," said an associate at one store.

Intrigued, I called them all. Every single EB Games and Gamestop in the Houston Metropolitan Area, the 4th largest city in the United States. As of 4:30 today, "

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Smacktard3745d ago

Haha, that's awesome. And probably what it deserves too, by the sounds of it.

gaffyh3745d ago

Yeah it deserves it, but this is sarcastic gamer we are talking about. They joke about stuff some times, so maybe it sold 2,000 and they're just bullsh*tting

3745d ago
Killjoy30003745d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH that's the first time I truly and honestly laughed at an artical on here.

kunit22c3744d ago

I dont think it deserves it.. i mean thats just being harsh but i agree with gaffyh they are probably just messing around with us and 2000 sounds about right.. i mean they most likely are because they are biased against nintendo. Dont get me wrong the bash all systems and companies but they do it to nintendo more.

kunit22c3744d ago

the reason people rip on the wii is because nintendo didnt have to put near as much money into their system and they are still owning in sales, and the fact that they are going for casual gamers only helps their sales considering they dont get bored of games as fast, they are a much bigger audience and they are easier to please with games liek this game wii music im sure after the casual gamers find out about it they will buy it, but im pretty sure they dont shop at gamestop probably like walmart or target, and they dont take time to look up which system is better like ohh that has better graphics and more hardware space so im gonna get that over wii and praise it and buy the next system like ps4 that is only going to have better graphics and more hardware space, no they just care about what looks more fun, sitting there pushing buttons or standing up moving your arms or bending over and other movements. The Wii is a family console unlike ps3 and xbox360, it will have non gamers in the family to play like grandparents and parents. So if Sony and Microsoft copy Nintendo with motion sensing for their next console I dont think it will do so good considering all these ps3 and 360 fanboys are saying that that type of gameplay is lame and has bad controls, so unless they are ripping on it just because their console doesnt have it, it wont do so good, and another reason is if they try to please the casual audience they will also fail because they like cheap consoles they arnt gonna want to pay $400 for a console that has less casual games and just for better graphics which they dont care about. From their veiw they will think, hey its the same thing why pay more? Sony and Microsoft should just practicaly ignore nintendo and leave them to do their own thing and they can race eachother in this console race because it seems nintendo wants to go a different direction then them and they would be not to smart to follow nintendo. They should just stick with hardcore gamers and increasing the graphics and more hardware space and maybe something new and sweet every once in a while. Please agree or disagree or bubble or reply i want to know other peoples opinions to this

Snake Raiser3744d ago

At 1.4
Well, compare this to rock band... Nintendo is not helping any one but them selves.

Smacktard3744d ago

I'm a fan of the Wii, but I was always a bit apprehensive about the Wii. And now after reading the reviews on it, I believe it's trash. Outdated midi music, public domain songs, flailing the Wii remote with no strategy to win the composing part, and no actual challenge? This is absolute trash at its absolute trashiest. I hope this sells nothing.

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DavidMacDougall3745d ago

It might start picking up the pace when the "casuals" see its out

steveg25643744d ago

I think I saw one of them there Casuals today. He was in a fancy car. Freaky lookin' buggers, them Casuals.

Cheeseknight283744d ago

I hope not. I'm a huge fan of Nintendo's and I have been my entire life, but this game being a flop is crucial to them learning their lesson.

I know us hardcore crowd are hard to please, but when you look at the 360 and PS3's releases, who wouldn't be?

LGFreedom3745d ago

You just have to wait until grandma walks in asking for something her grandkids can use to "play Nintendo"

Then the rush begins.

ICUP3745d ago


I [email protected]' hate the Wii, it a GC with a dildo.

Zerodin3745d ago

And HOW many flops has your six hundred dollar sh!tstation 3 had?

ICUP3745d ago

I got for 399

and not as much as the Wii have in flop.

razorbladelight3744d ago

the whole notion of the ps3 is a flop... what can you argue nintendo is doing wrong? shovel ware? every system has them. Graphics? Most people rather buy the 360 version of the game when it's multiplatform. price tag? Sony sure did screw you over there.
Go play with with your sack boy mario rip off game and choke on it.

Oh wait... that's been delayed. Sony strikes again!!!

Jerkapotamus3745d ago

I doubt most casual gamers buy at Gamestop. Calling more mainstream outlets would probably reveal more sales.

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