How the PlayStation became a phenomenon with a single number

In the past two decades, the Sony PlayStation has become one of the most powerful and popular brands in games. For younger fans, it can be hard to imagine what it was like when Sony was the new kid on the block.

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PhoenixUp126d ago

Sega never saw it coming out, even though they worked with Sony years prior

strayanalog125d ago

This kinda makes me want to read the Console Wars book again.

Side note: I was blindsided by that ending! Well played.

Skankinruby125d ago

Console wars book? I didn't know of such a thing I'm very intrigued

strayanalog125d ago

Great read in my opinion. You learn quite a bit behind-the-scenes stuff, including some of the stuff, and people, that were in this video. Look it up when you find the time, it's called: Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle that Defined a Generation.

Einhander1971125d ago

I don’t think anyone seen it coming especially Nintendo. Even I never expected Sony to make such an impact on the industry.

TomatoDragon125d ago

I just remember being in college, seeing the PS1 launch, and taking my collection of comics to the campus comic shop, selling them all, and getting me that PS1. I was the envy of the floor. :-)
Had most of the floor lined up every night as we all played Battle Arena Toshinden over and over.

Sitdown125d ago

My friend had one, and we use to play the mess out of Toshinden on the demo disc.

jreeves82125d ago

That's actually 3 numbers but who is counting.

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