Insomniac Reveals the Biggest Challenge During Marvel's Spider-Man Development

Insomniac Bryan Intihar revealed the biggest challenge the studio faced during the development of Marvel's Spider-Man (out soon on PS4): combat and melee in particular.

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Cybermario70d ago

oh that;s interesting, cant wait for this game!

ccgr70d ago

yeah it looks promising

NecrumOddBoy70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

The level of detail and diversity and the combat is just astonishing. You have a dozen different ways to tackle any scenario at any time which is more than any other superhero game has ever given us. Insomniac nailed Spider-Man and Peter Parker's arrogant cockiness in combat to the T. I love how they streamlined hand to hand combat, web and gadget combat, transversal, environmental interactions, Quick Time events, and stealth all into one solid system. It's truly (no pun) AMAZING!

doggo8469d ago

Bring on September 7th I'm super hyped!

Imp0ssibl370d ago

I hope it's not just another combat like the Batman games

KaiPow70d ago

It looks like there's a *lot* more environmental stuff than any of the Arkham games.

At least there won't be any awful tank sections I hope! 😂

zivtheawesome70d ago

from all the previews, it seems like while it is visually similar to arkham, it is in fact very different and much better, so you shouldn't worry about that.

CobraKai70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

I’m so sold on this game, and I like how they focused on creative web based attacks and environmental interaction as opposed to just making a brawler.

thegamefox9370d ago (Edited 70d ago )

anyone who has played sunset overdrive should well know that spider man will more than exceed expectations...Insomniac has experience with great open world design and traversal.

Razzer70d ago

Ironic that Sunset Overdrive turned out to be a nice practice run for Insomniac and Spiderman.

doggo8469d ago

Yes sunset overdrive is a great game indeed

thegamefox9367d ago

One of the most underrated open-world games ever made this generation. Too bad insomniac decided not too make it multi platform.

Retroman70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

This Spiderman game look fantastic. release date not soon enough. .....

cant wait next installment ps4
R&C hope it is up your arsenal.

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