Report: Fortnite avoiding Google Play will lose Google at least $50 million

According to a new report, Epic Games avoiding to place Fortnite on the Google Play Store in a bid to save revenue will lose Google at least $50 million in revenue in the next 5 months left of the year. This is because Epic do not have to pay 30% of all revenue from Fortnite …

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Teflon0270d ago

Honestly I get it from epics side but come on. How are you going to put it on googles android ran devices but not want to share revenue with them? That's basically when a company really is getting ahead of themselves. They're lucky Google doesn't force it to be on the store or blocked. You're going to give apple, sony, ms, nintendo all profits but can't give google lol.

princejb13470d ago

That's google fault. They made their platform open source to get ahead of the competition and now is biting them in the ass. Windows computer does the same thing and I don't see Microsoft getting a piece of revenue for every software that is used on their platform.

Angelin70d ago

It’s your tablet or phone, you can install anything on it at your own risk... I don’t see a problem with it.

Godmars29070d ago

Google is losing nothing. They're not making an amount of money they were never promised.

KwietStorm70d ago

Missing out on 50 mil after just closing a $32 billion *quarter* of the year. I think they'll be ok.

Angelin70d ago

Or maybe they’ll starve ang google is going to close down after this... only time will tell :)

Angelin70d ago

Or maybe they’ll starve and Google is going to close down after this... only time will tell :)

boing170d ago

Better question. How much money Epic is loosing for not being on the Play Store?

Angelin70d ago

We shall see... I think they also want to see the result of this experiment.

Fritz-o-Toole68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Yes that is a excellent question. Fortnite would have top the charts longtemps and attract alot of newplayers insted it is invisible for most.

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