Twenty-Five Year Old Charged With Stealing In-Game Items From EA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation filed charges yesterday against a 25-year-old, accusing him of hacking into EA’s servers and stealing in-game currency for FIFA 18 that the publisher says was worth $324,000.

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shuvam09162d ago

What about the daylight theft EA commits everyday???

yomfweeee162d ago

If McDonald's tried to sell you a large Coke for $100 and you buy it, that's not theft... it is stupidity.

shuvam09162d ago

If EA had a loophole in the system that a person could take advantage of, then is that not their stupidity???

jaycptza162d ago

You are an idiot anyone can steal anything online with enough time and effort, no system is infallible.

KillBill162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Jason - What is the point of mentioning the age of the person as 25 years old? Is it some how relevant to the point of the story to be included in the title???