DOOM Eternal is Coming to Switch

Nintendo fans may have had to wait until late 2017 to be able to sample the very excellent DOOM on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to Panic Button Games, but clearly the port was well received, for today Bethesda has made one heck of announcement. Doom Eternal is Coming to Switch and there's plenty of new details.

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strayanalog70d ago

I'm ready. Now I'm interested in whether Panic is helping or not.

Neonridr70d ago

Wow, Bethesda is really pulling out all the stops for Switch owners here. Here's hoping the game releases day and date alongside the other console versions.

70d ago
ZeekQuattro70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Good news. Panic button is sure getting a lot of love. They earned it in my opinion.

The 10th Rider70d ago

It's amazing they're able to put out so many ports. On LinkedIn they say they're 11-50 employees (though I imagine that's grown). They do say "We have great relationships with the massive talent pool available locally and around the world, and that lets us scale quickly to meet project needs." I'd be interesting to learn more about how they operate, considering they're doing an incredible job of spitting out solid ports on a frequent basis.

Sirk7x69d ago

If they ever make an original title on Switch, day 1. I'm not sure if there's another developer out there that knows how to use the hardware like they do right now.

Segata70d ago

Loved Panic Buttons work on Wolfen II so I'm in.

Moonman70d ago

Hopefully we get Wolfen Youngblood too!!! :)

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The story is too old to be commented.