Is the Game of the Year Discussion Already Over?

Will it come down to God of War vs Red Dead Redemption 2 for GOTY 2018? Or will another game make it a bigger fight?

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FTLmaster73d ago

Octopath Traveler should be in the running, too, imho.

solideagle73d ago

Octopath Traveler did not get 90% on Meta, mostly GOTY is given to 90+ meta which shouldn't be the case in reality but it is :)

Aeery73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

To me, (most probably) yes.
God of War is the next gen of the video game.
I mean, there are a lot of other awesome game released this year, but yeah ... God of War in on another level.

Glak1872d ago

People still use the inaccurate metacritic in 2018?

Glak1872d ago

Just checked Metacritic, looks like Celeste should be top runner for GOTY because it has a 94 (tied with God of War) for best game so far of 2018. Metacritic does work....

jznrpg73d ago

Although I love Octopath it is hard to compare to GoW imo.

NecrumOddBoy73d ago

OT is going to be a contender for Switch GOTY but I don't think it'll win and I love it (70hrs in and finally working on my 5th characters full story). I think that GOW, Spider-man and RDR2 are going to fight it out, but I think regardless the game's media is going to give it to RDR2 no matter what.

playnice73d ago

RDR is gonna be amazing and even if it does win GOTY it won't take anything away from God of War or Spiderman being amazing games on their own. That being said Rockstar has a pretty high average when it comes to recent releases... So I tend to agree with your prediction. The media may be biased but their games are polished to near perfection.

The 10th Rider73d ago

Even if it was the best JRPG of the past decade it probably wouldn't get a nomination. It's not really "mainstream" enough to win much.

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Segata73d ago

It's not even out yet. Not saying Spiderman will be bad but did you pre-decided Mass Effect Andromeda or No Mans Sky for GOTY before playing them as well? What about We Happy Few? I have no doubt myself it will be good but to decide before playing is asinine.

Rude-ro73d ago

In an article discussing red dead 2.... 🤔

drpepperdude73d ago

Everyone's saying God of War won when the year is not even over yet, no difference.

spicelicka73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

I don't know why people think this. It looks great no doubt but it's not out yet firstly. Secondly, nothing about it seems groundbreaking, looking a lot like the Arkham series. Also as much as i like Insomniac, all their games tend to be around the 85 range. It would be great to see it surpass expectations but if it wasn't a Sony exclusive I don't think anyone would be called a GOTY contender.

God of war on the other hand has proven to be an easyy GOTY contender. RDR2 is going to be there judging by the track record, and then there's Monster hunter.

mkis00773d ago (Edited 73d ago )

That is the point. It being a Sony game shifted the value from a mobey grab to a blockbuster high quality release. Sony may jist be publishing, but they are also there to spread fairy dust. The same dust most of their single player games get.

spicelicka71d ago


That's a fair point! but I think in that case we have to wait and see.

Jinger73d ago

Still a lot of games coming. So far the only games I'd put up are Monster Hunter and God of War.

FlyGuyHung73d ago

Im 100% with you on this, I actually came to make an almost identical comment. Still so much to come out but right now GoW is a very close 2nd to MHW for me. The reason is after finishing GoW i had no urge to back to it, as excellent as it was... but i put over 250hrs into MHW and for such a niche series, what it accomplished in mainstream success should not be understated. With its content updates so frequent, dispite its minor flaws its IMHO the perfect representation of what a GAME OF THE YEAR in 2018 is. Until RD2 its right now atop the mountain of games to beat.

TheEnigma31373d ago

GOW is definitely the front runner. Sony has majority of the contenders.

TheEnigma31373d ago

lol that's true. But this year it's just lopsided in Sony's favor. I'm not complaining though.

spicelicka73d ago

I think Sony's only contender is GOW, which might actually be a winner. But compared to last year I don't see any majority. Spiderman is not looking like GOTY to me.

Gh05t73d ago

Talk about a question that answers itself. If you have to ask then you already know the answer.