Tomb Raider Director Says "I'm Not Worried About Spider-Man"

The top brass of Eidos Montreal, the studio behind Shadow of the Tomb Raider, respond to Lara Croft's upcoming launch date beside Marvel's Spider-Man.

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-Foxtrot166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Well it's not just Spiderman though

Spyro Reignited Trilogy
Dragon Quest IX

It's a busy the other games they could have released it a month before or after yet they fill up the same month together, it's insane.

Chevalier166d ago

October is an insane month though. So that month would probably be an even worse month to release than September. Just check out the releases then:

October releases

Assassin Creed Odyssey
Red Dead Redemption 2
Forza Horizon 4
Mario Party
WWE 2K19
Lego DC Villains
Battlefield 5
Soul Calibur 6
Megaman 11

shuvam09166d ago

Uhhh, what is Starlink???
And Mario Party doesn't belong on that list as it doesn't have any competition...

MagUk166d ago

October is the month for me BF5, RDR2 and FH4 they will see me through until Christmas 😎

super_bruno165d ago

HAHAHA! cockiness...

Hey, Tomb Raider Director you should be worry. especially with Spider-Man.

ballisticvoodoo165d ago

To those that think he's not worried. Yes, he answered the question but it's called spin. Dear lord he's not going to say he's worried.

Cartman55125165d ago

Don't forget the My Hero Academia game or Warriors Orochi 4.

starchild165d ago

There are many big games that release in the September/October/November time frame every year yet games continue to release during that period every year. How is this any different? Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of the biggest games releasing this year. It will be just fine.

Xb1ps4165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

What is really insane is that they think gamers only buy games closer to the end of the year, like who games in the summer months right?!

Anyway... I’ll be playing both.. tr on xbx and spidy on my pro on my 4K lg oled tv.. but on a serious note publishers need to realize that we really do have 12 months in a year..

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thekhurg166d ago

He can claim he's not worried all day, but he's worried or else he wouldn't have said anything.

He knows SpiderMan is going to trounce his game in sales. Despite one being console exclusive and the other on everything.

rdgneoz3166d ago

Spiderman will destroy Sept, while RD2 kills Oct. Delay the game till Nov / Dec and you won't see your sales killed.

yomfweeee166d ago

He was asked a question, he answered. That's how interviews work.

Doggy123166d ago Show
thexmanone166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

Usually when someone is asked a question they answer.

But lets see, a man in tights or a hot looking girl, I`ll pass on the guy in tights.

trooper_165d ago

It's like a nervous kind of 'not worried but seriously worried ' laugh, lol.

Sayai jin165d ago

He was asked a question, so he responded. The minds of people on this site....

agnosticgamer165d ago

You clearly didn't read the article... at all did you? He was asked about... So he answered the question... You may not agree with his answer... But when ASKED a question... One usually tends to answer said question...

Thus, when asked how they felt about competition, Eidos Monreal’s lead writer and game director responded:
“This has been a great year for games,” Murray told COGconnected.
“Yea, exactly that. I’m not worried about Spider-Man,” Bisson said. “I have friends working on it, so I’m very happy for them too, and I think, you were saying it, it’s a great year. And for me, Spider-Man and Shadow of the Tomb Raider can co-exist. It’s a different experience. One’s way more about movement, the city and things, and this one is way more about exploring and finding things that make life special.”
“Only one game has Lara Croft,” Murray finished.

TheRealHeisenberg165d ago

He is not worried. There is room for both games to excel.

Starman69165d ago

Hes not worried because of the solid tomb raider fan base. People like me who adore the games

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lxeasy166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I plan on buying tomb raider day 1. I really enjoyed Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Chuuzuu166d ago

I'm not worried about Spider Man either, it just doesn't appeal to me. There are 3 games coming out in this time period that will have my attention: this new Tomb Raider, Red Dead Redemption 2, and the Forsaken release for Destiny 2.

rainslacker166d ago (Edited 166d ago )

I'll be doing Spider-Man myself. But will probably get TR, after I'm done with it.

For the time being I'm trying to knock out a few games from my back log

JesusBuiltmyHotrod165d ago

Really? it is check box AAA design by the numbers with poor combat encounters and awful stories.

Old_Prodigy165d ago

@Chuuzuu. You play destiny, reason enough to not value your game preferences.

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shuvam09166d ago

I wouldn't bother even if the other releases weren't mentioned...
SoTR just seems so uninspiring...

rainslacker166d ago

ROTTR was released against fallout, and ms pretty much abandoned marketing for ROTTR after they got the marketing deal for fallout.

Rise did modestly well on release, but I think it's lack of big numbers is because of the franchise history, and the fact that the newer games aren't as great as they could be.

KyRo165d ago

The new games have been great though?

rainslacker164d ago

They have their moments. Some parts are exceptional, other parts can use some work. I think the last game had great level design and the open worlds areas were well thought out to make it more fluid between going between different story or quest elements.

BlueBlue165d ago

Spiderman is the only thing on that list that poses a threat.

adonisisfree165d ago

Only one of those games actually matter. Spider-Man

rivaldoo777165d ago

I'm going to buy dragon quest day one and buy spiderman and SOTTR on sales few months later

n1kki6165d ago

There are certainly budget gamers who may want both but can only afford 1. I will be buying both.

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Travis3708166d ago

Oh you better be and even watch out for Spyro since so many PS gamers love him just like Crash. I already have both games I mentioned pre ordered. Can’t say the same for TR yet.

lxeasy166d ago

PS gamers also like Tomb Raider you know. Also Xbox and PC gamers. They don't need to worry.

TheKingKratos165d ago

The old tomb raider yes
when lara had a character and charm...and boobs ;)

rainslacker166d ago

Ps gamers seem to like tr also. I think it's lost some of its magic compared to years past, but I'll certainly play it at some point.

crazyCoconuts166d ago

At least Spiderman is just PS4. TR might end up being a replacement buy for non PS4 owners to satiate their Spiderman itch...

Unreal01166d ago

I don't think Tomb Raider is anything like Spiderman. It's going to have a tough job scratching that itch.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod165d ago

Uncharted already scratches the itch way better then TR games do.

crazyCoconuts165d ago

True - but it might serve as a nice distraction from Spiderman envy.

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King_Noctis165d ago

Its not like Spiderman is the only game releasing at the end of the year you know.

Seraphim165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

short term that's my thinking. XB sales might be grand but Spiderman will dampen PS4 sales; at least initially. Long term both consoles will sell their fair share of copies.

I've been tempted to order Tomb Raider but between The Show, Divinity, Spiderman dropping, etc, I figure I might as well just wait until I'm going to play it. maybe get a discount if it can wait until Black Friday.

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ArchangelMike166d ago

Spiderman is a system seller, and is going to be the BIG September game that dominates all the headlines. It won't completely overshadow Tomb Rider, but it'll definitely cannibalise alot of sales, especially on PS4.

CaptainSellers165d ago

I see what you did there, overshadow Tomb Raider hehe

SierraGuy165d ago

It'll sell a s#it ton by Christmas...that I do know.

The_Sage166d ago

In Yoda's voice, "You will be".

VTKC165d ago

wouldnt it be "Be you will"?

The_Sage165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Lol. I see what you're saying.

The quote is from Empire... Luke tells Yoda that he's not afraid, and Yoda responds in a creepy way, "You will be... You will be".

The_Sage165d ago

Lol. Some jackass disagreed when I put the clip from the movie in the post. Some people. Smh

VTKC165d ago

Oh i see, i dont know my star wars. I thought you was imitating yodas inverted speaking. Disagrees-it happens all the time, its their way trying to upset you. Just ignore them.

The_Sage165d ago

Yep. The disagrees are funny sometimes.