A Brief History of: SNK NEO GEO

The Rolls-Royce of home consoles in the 1990s, SNK’s Neo Geo was as awesome as it was pricey. SNK literally put the arcade cabinet in a home console!

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Einhander197193d ago

Amazing system always has been always will be.

Master of Unlocking92d ago

"The Neo Geo would go on to have games made for it until 2002"

Samurai Shodown V Special was the last game that came out on the NeoGeo and it was released in 2004... a whopping 14 years after the system was released. The NeoGeo was always a special system , in a league of its own, mainly due to the fact only a (very) wealthy minority could afford it. I probably never would've owned the system had I not found it second-hand with a second joystick for about 175$, back in 1993. Bar the fact it had perhaps too many duelling fighting games (a solid 1/3rd of its library), it was a gamer's paradise, if you were willing to shell out as much money for 1 game as you'd've shelled out for 3 on the Super Nintendo or Genesis...