Why I'm glad I waited to play Horizon Zero Dawn

Chris Hyde: "So do yourself a favour, next time you're looking at your pile of shame, wondering what to play next, go for a different game to one you've played recently. Allow the game to draw you in (or not) on its own, without comparing it to what's gone before."

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TheOptimist70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Not in relation to the game but this statement:

"Allow the game to draw you in (or not) on its own, without comparing it to what's gone before."

Is extremely anti-progressive mentality. Without contrast and comparison, no progress can be made.

Not to be confused with "going into the game with an open mind".

AspiringProGenji70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Constantly comparing the two and making stuff up to not bring yourself to play either game or take sides is not progressive, and if I am not mistaken you were one of those comparins BoTW and Horizon heavily. I undertand if you had just a PS4 or Switch and either game would be just enough for the time being, but owning both and not playing them is a disservice. Both games are great and deserve everyone’s attention

I did not wait to play this game and even put BoTW to rest unti I was done with the story because Horizon just happened to hook me with it, then I went to finish BoTW later. Enjoyed both with no problem

If anything the only thing that would have scared me were the BS comments about how Horizon is a Ubi game bla bla. Glad I didn’t listen because the game felt nothing like it

TheOptimist70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Yeah I probably was there in some Zelda and Horizon comparison. And no I am not a huge fan of either. So I can't be biased towards either of them. While Horizon is a Ubi game (Towers, bland side quests, 'lore' based collectibles and a whole lot of other busywork with a skill tree mostly similar to that of Shadow of Mordor), Zelda has a lot of survival elements (The whole eat fiery food in cold climate and vice versa) and empty space that pull me out of the game. YES I know that Zelda has towers to, but it's combination of game mechanics are almost immersive sim-ish. That's what gives it the edge for me.

I preferred Mario Odyssey and Gravity Rush 2 over both those exclusives.

Sevir70d ago

Ubisoft game? Bland Side quests? Lore based collectibles? The things people hurl at a game that has been praised by both critics and the community is funny. I'll just take it at face value that you didn't play the game. And you likely just made abitrary presumptions based on footage you've seen and not played or experienced.

TheOptimist70d ago (Edited 70d ago )


Say SOMETHING UNIQUE for once that no one has ever said.

Whenever someone criticizes something "Oh you haven't played/experienced the game".

Bland side quests...

The only side 2 quests I really remember are that when a group of our tribe is murdered by corrupted machines and the one where a guy is trapped on a riverine island (Lost his spear/bow/something) surrounded by mecha-crocodiles. I remember both of them because I had to do a considerable trek for both of those missions and not because they had some narrative finesse.

And I hopefully don't need to remind you of the severe lack of boss fight creativity where all 3 main bosses in the game are Harbingers (One with half health, one with full health and one with full health+ corruption)

I wouldn't be frustrated if I had just seen it and not experienced it.

AspiringProGenji70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

There are lost of boss fights, not just the main story ones. The Thunder jaw, Stormbirds, and Rockbreakers are also boss fights that you can encounter in the wild

What’s wrong with lore ade collectibles? They are interested specially since you are ina world you don’t know what happened and etc. There’s a lot of interesting lore there. That’s isn’t a negative in any way, and they are optional

I don’t know what you mesn with busy work considering the map wasn’t filled with plethora of tasks. It’s as if someone was forcing you to do shit.

So I take it you don’t remember Red Maw’s sidequest, The Hunter’s lodge, Colateral, the one you battle Bellowbacks in a stadium, the siequests you do to befriend some main characters that later help you in the last mission. Please define “bland sidequest.” It looks to me you don’t have a good memory or you simply didn’t care what you were doing in the game. There was lots of work put into the sidequests

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Razzer70d ago (Edited 70d ago )


That isn’t how I read what he is saying at all. He isn’t talking about how to analyze a game. I took what he said as a way to avoid letting one game affect your enjoyment of the next by switching up game types or genres.

TheOptimist70d ago

I could have gotten it wrong and apologize if I did. To me it didn't seem that way.

KwietStorm70d ago

We're talking about videogames here, not societal structures. Jeezus, It's funny because I read the same statement and said what a great, neutral stance to take with a game for your first playthrough. We live in an age where there's actually too much comparison and labels and the desire to put something in a race, rather than looking at something for what it is and appreciating what it does on it's own.

TheOptimist70d ago

Comparison isn't always a race though, not for me anyways. For me it is more about, "Is this something new that I have never seen before?". Yeah I know, it's probably my own shortcoming, but I like variety in life.

KwietStorm70d ago

"Yeah I know, it's probably my own shortcoming, but I like variety in life."

I like variety too. A pet peeve of mine is people copying one another just to fit in with trends, and companies that make carbon copies of products to try to manufacture appeal. And that's kind of my point. Someone will buy something new, or alternatively won't buy it, because they've already told themselves that it's lesser than a competing product, when in reality they haven't even had any experience with it. Then there's people who do try something, but instead of taking an objective look at what it actually is, they force comparisons at every angle, because it's what they've learned to do. If you're not getting paid to do it, I think you're doing yourself a disservice by putting more effort into comparing a game instead of enjoying it.

TheOptimist70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

"Someone will buy something new, or alternatively won't buy it, because they've already told themselves that it's lesser than a competing product, when in reality they haven't even had any experience with it."

It's less about it being a 'lesser product' and more about me personally getting bored of it. If I don't see something new each time, me as a consumer, I am wasting my money & time. It's not always about getting paid. I mean sure that's a great incentive, but I don't think that many people who have interest in seeing new diversions in an art form they like, always get paid for criticizing repetitiveness in the art form.

rainslacker70d ago

I tend to go into every game and try to consider it its own thing. Games in a series I may compare to prior games, but my objective analysis of a game compared to another usually comes after I finished, or while I'm not playing the game.

But I'm good at compartmentalizing things like that.

Armaggedon70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Progress is not always a good thing. Look at EA.

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NecrumOddBoy70d ago

I played when it came out and for about 70 hours until I platinum'd it. What a phenomenal game. The BS media who really tried to dig down and tear into with the (Ubi-Copy Comments) can really eat one, because this was not only one of the best games of last year but one of the best games of this generation and it's sales numbers are booming. G-Games knocked it out of the park and I cannot wait to experience the sequel when it launches.

LucasRuinedChildhood70d ago (Edited 70d ago )

Most people who did that were fanboys. One of my friends in real life passionately lectured me that Horizon was generic. Inevitably, he admitted that he had not played the game at all. I just sighed and moved on. It's disappointing that the people who always fall into these narratives and nauseating fanboyism are relatively normal people.

showtimefolks69d ago

Think About it without playing the game he tried to convince you the game was generic

LucasRuinedChildhood69d ago

@showtimefolks I know. It boggles my mind. It's why I don't bother with Youtube comment sections.

Tross70d ago

You were nervous about playing this game in May? You must have a small backlog. I have games that date back over 10 years in mine, lol. I have games in my backlog that I'll never admit having never played, but I can say I still have Horizon in my backlog, with every intention of playing it eventually. Not quite enough time has passsd for me that I feel that much shame over not having played it, although I do hope to get to it before it happens as this is definitely not a decade-long backlog type game.

Chris_Hyde70d ago

Oh if I’d played my backlog in order who knows when I’d have gotten round to Horizon. I just felt like i had to play it over others and I’m glad I did. Hopefully when you get to it you’ll feel the same! 🙂

Tross70d ago

Who has the discipline to play their backlog in order? Lol. My system is, I go with whatever I feel most enticed to play at a given time. HZD has my interest moreso than Eternal Poison (most people wouldn't know what the latter even is). Also, I have to send my PS2 in to get it repaired, so that whole part of my backlog is off limits for now. More recent games have higher odds of getting played anyways by virtue of being on a system I use regularly as opposed to once in a while. Good to know us gamers with huge backlogs understand each other. Hopefully I can cross HZD off my list by the end of the year.

TheEnigma31370d ago

I bought it day one. Had to support Guerilla Games. For anyone who's waiting to play this game, the complete edition is $20 on Amazon. That's a steal.

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