Nintendo’s Shutdown of Emuparadise Should Concern Us All

Why ROM preservation is important, and why Emuparadise's demise is not a good sign.

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Gridknac67d ago

Until they can shut down torrent sharing, they aren't stopping jack shit. You can get every emulator and rom Emuparadise had through torrents. So long as one person has it and is willing to share, ROM preservation is not going anywhere. Besides, this is only one site, others will fill the void in time.

BigTrain67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Everything you're saying is true, but still the fact that Nintendo specifically seeks to stop places like Emuparadise in and of itself is concerning. Gaming as a hobby is loved and adored in such a manner that its community treats games as timeless works of art. Nintendo's actions practically comes off as a mass book burning that seems to steer the industry in a direction that will cause these timeless treasures to all but disappear.

Muzikguy66d ago

I've been noticing some players in the industry have already been trying to do this, even if unintentionally. Remakes can take away from the original especially when they don't do it justice. Reboots are just stupid IMO. Although I've heard good things about the new God of War. I still think they could have called it something else. In a sense, it's starting to erase the original because now there are 2 games called God of War

CrimsonWing6967d ago

Geez Nintendo, way to not be cool. I don’t see any other company going on this crusade and how else are we supposed to play these games? You’re sure as hell not giving us a Virtual Console. I hate Nintendo sometimes.

starsi36067d ago

If they gave us a decent virtual console with all their old games upscaled available to buy then I could understand why they would suddenly want to shut this stuff down. But they seem uninterested in giving retro fans what they want, usual Nintendo doing what they think is best rather than listening to their fanbase.

It would be a win-win for them. We could download gamecube, N64 and snes games for a few pounds each, and they would take lots of cash with very little work.

Ristul67d ago

Thats only for Nintendo's own games too, so it doesnt solve the problem. Some of the old companies that made games back then dont exist anymore.

PurpHerbison67d ago

I was heavily disappointed to learn the NES and SNES mini only had HDMI. These games are meant to be played on old tube TVs.

cj1pate10166d ago

or we can just keep downloading mediocre games and you can turn the cheek

yomfweeee67d ago

Come on, don't act like most of the downloads from these sites aren't all about piracy. This wasn't some noble cause.

MrSec8467d ago

Agreed, it's one thing if you own the game, but most will just be thinking "Oh great free games".

zackeroniii67d ago

oh come on guys this is the internet no need to act like you're all saints...i'm sure we've all downloaded something we didn't own at one point or another, get off your internet high horses plz.

monkey60267d ago

Yeah I can't understand those trying to justify their actions. There's absolutely no fault to Nintendo here. A site was distributing licenced software for free illegally. End of.

If you want to pirate these games then so be it. There's plenty of sources still available but don't try and fool yourself that it is anything but piracy

shloobmm367d ago

Most of these games can't be purchased anymore. There are thousands and thousands of games that are out there that are simply impossible to get your hands on. It's not like the devs of these games care. Really the only one who seems to care is Nintendo.

monkey60267d ago

Publishers can't be expected to manufacture and distribute a certain software forever though. It's bound to happen eventually. That doesn't give anyone a just cause to illegally obtain licenced material. Like I said I couldn't actually care less if someone wants to pirate these games, no skin off my nose. I just find it comical that they seem to find some divine right in doing so

yomfweeee67d ago

Just because a game can't be purchased anymore doesn't give you the right to it.

agent453267d ago

Is hard to say its piracy when the company that made the game is no longer available. For example, Hudson Soft made lots of NES/Snes games that company no longer exists. So is it piracy for getting games from dead companies?

ziggurcat67d ago

"Most of these games can't be purchased anymore."

That argument is bunk. Whether a game is available to purchase doesn't mean that it's legal to download the ROM. Downloading/distributing ROMs/ISOs is illegal. Period. Even if you already own the game.


"So is it piracy for getting games from dead companies?"


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MetalGearsofWar67d ago

Some gamers are concerned about data/game preservation.

septemberindecember67d ago

You can preserve games without having them accessible through downloading over a website though.

Razzer67d ago

Oh come on. This is entirely about piracy.

MetalGearsofWar67d ago

What about dead studios and old, obscure games?

septemberindecember67d ago


What about them?
Again preservation doesn’t mean having a library accessible to download at your whim.

agent453267d ago

Agreed, especially if say gaming company no longer exists.

ziggurcat67d ago

"Some gamers are concerned about data/game preservation."

that's the same argument as "homebrew." there are lots of different, legal avenues you can take to obtain these old games. and if you're truly that concerned about preservation, buy the game, and make a legal backup for your own personal use instead of illegally downloading the ROM.

"What about dead studios and old, obscure games?"

the law still applies.

MetalGearsofWar66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

You all bring up very valid points. Now, find me a copy of Zeddas Horror Tour by Caravan Interactive. Price should be reasonable, and please keep it legal.

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Travis370867d ago

Sometimes Nintendo can be really disgusting and this is one of those times. How else am I suppose to play Ocarina of time, Mario sunshine, goldeneye, Pokémon DX, Mario 64, and so on If you don’t give us a way to download them? If you won’t sell them then we’ll find other ways to get it.

King_Noctis67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

“How else am I suppose to play Ocarina of time, Mario sunshine, goldeneye, Pokémon DX, Mario 64, and so on If you don’t give us a way to download them?”

Umm you can actually still buy them? Games like Mario 64 and Ocarina of Times are still available for the 3DS you know.

Lord_Sloth67d ago

While that's true it doesn't speak anything of Crystalis, Secret of Evermore, Breath of Fire, and many many other great games people are losing access to.

Travis370867d ago

I would rather not play on that low quality handheld version and would prefer a remaster on a more powerful system. I like the original game anyway. Also the 3ds doesn’t cover any of the other games I want:

agent453267d ago

What about games from dead companies

BigTrain67d ago

You can buy some but not all, and certainly not most. That's why rom sites exist. This is an argument that has gone on for ages. Claims of piracy destroying a "billion" dollar industry.

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masterfox67d ago

sometimes ?, more like very very often.

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