Two gamers start a Bitcoin treasure hunt in No Man’s Sky

Cryptocurrency has now arrived in the No Man's Sky universe! Learn how two gamers took it upon themselves to hide bitcoin on planets within Hello Games' epic sci-fi, space exploration experience.

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SlappingOysters1083d ago

Been ages since I played this game, but with so many planets, maybe it will never get found?

Asuka1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

the game? maybe (depends on your opinion). the bitcoin? surely that is worth more than $30 USD LUL

Ah, i understand. in which case you are right. not worth the time. quite literally XD.

CyberSentinel1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

I have the game and love it.
$30 is the value of the fraction of a single coin that’s hidden. Maybe one day such a small percentage of a single coin will be worth it, but $30 isn’t worth my time.

SlappingOysters1082d ago

It’s $230 as someone else chipped in more. I would Not go hunting , but would be cool to stumble on it

Tankbusta401082d ago

Quitting my job tomorrow to join the hunt!!!!!

Angelin1082d ago

😂 Take a two day vacation

joab7771082d ago

The beginning of what is the NMS platform. Like Minecraft, I have always envisioned a game with the foundation and template to become something special. If they continue to update and provide tools...

Ultimately I want the ability to set up our own shops, and begin cultivating and populating systems. And with comms, we send out signals for others to come. The end,end,end game could be superb if it moved towards Eve Online’s structure of almost complete player control; building armies, clans etc!

Anything is possible now!

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