Ars Technica: Follow-up: Fable 2 online co-op fun but lacking

Ars technica writes: "Though we have already reviewed Fable II, both through the eyes of a reviewer and through the eyes of a non-gamer, there's one last bit of critique needed. Today, alongside the game's retail launch, the online co-op patch has gone live. This patch enables players to take the co-op experience over Xbox Live.

Getting into an online game is as simple as entering your offline world. After fixing your online options to give either everyone or only friends access to your game, you'll find a number of floating orbs moving through the world, each of which represents another player. By moving towards an orb and clicking on it, you can interact with that player. You can compare stats, exchange gifts, or invite him or her to your game. "

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luigee3702d ago the coop isn't really as good as i thought. Okay, I'm primary going to play the game the following dark nights. But if i can take influence in my friends world *g* that's sounds not so bad ;)

But it's a shame that they didn't implement a much more cooler coop feature. in Europe we have to wait until friday...