Former Nexon Exec Says He Blew Millions on Lawbreakers; Calls it Biggest Flop of 2017

Former Nexon exec is delivering a presentation at Seattle-based professional conference DevGAMM, which will discuss how he blew millions on the biggest flop of 2017.

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Tough tittie but somebody has to suck it🤣

TimelessDbz121d ago

I blame nexon. Game was supposed to be free 2 play not $60

chris235122d ago

there is a thing called market research. you went to the market with a product no one waited for. and now you are really wondering why this thing flopped? way to go.

JokerBoy422122d ago

The market for this product was already too saturated with similar games. Dont know what they were thinking...

TheEnigma313122d ago

You're right; You would think devs do more research. This will happen to more devs son following the battle royale trend.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I actually blame devs for trend following, someone sets a good game, others try to emulate it, most fail horribly. Lawbreakers wanted some of that sweet Overwatch market revenue, flopped badly like Battleborne did.

AAWELLS09122d ago

Its not always easy to just "know" whats going to be a big hit. The original Minecraft creator had no clue his little side project would be what it is today. No one knew that Fortnite was going to be this massive hit. No one was "waiting on" either of those games and they just exploded.

JokerBoy422122d ago

Minecraft was unique. There was nothing like it on the market and it filled that love of building with legos but in a video format. Fortnite was an obvious win because it filled that hole of consumers wanting to play PUBG but not wanting to pay for something when Fortnite was free and basically the same game. Lawbreakers was trying to be a new shooter in a market that already had CoD, Halo, Battlefield, Overwatch, etc, etc. Every niche market for shooters was already filled. Had they launched as a free-to-play game things might have been different, but by the time they had finally gone that way, word of mouth had already spread that it wasnt really that great anyway. Im not even a paid analyst and this shit was obvious to me. The publishers of that game just wanted money, and didnt do any market research.

annoyedgamer122d ago

Now if only Battle Royale games would start losing money..

ravinash122d ago

Why would they if millions of people enjoy playing them?

TheEnigma313122d ago

Only fortnite is so far. Any company that tries (besides PUBG) will more than likely fail because of fortnite's success.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I don't think there's enough room for another battle royale game, not unless someone comes up with a great twist like Fortnite did, if anything I expect PUBG to continue losing popularity.

Angelin121d ago

I think there’s still room for a super realistic battle royale game. Pubg is not realistic enough imho.

kevnb122d ago

How many of them do you actually think are successful? I wouldnt make one right now unless you have a brand like call of duty to attach to it, its a huge investment and risky as hell right now.

annoyedgamer122d ago

Don't forget Battlefield 5..its Battle Royale from the ground up.

kookwes122d ago

they misunderstood the market the market wants a more casual experience. Thats why Overwatch and Fornite are far more successful than their rivals. Don't get me wrong these games take a lot of skill to good or great at them but are far more accessible for the casual.

slate91122d ago

Good point. Especially if they were looking for a more successful run than Overwatch or Fortnite.

kevnb122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

How else are you going to get millions to play a game? It simply has to be accessible.

Sirk7x122d ago

Overwatch is actually a great example. Like you said, very easy to get into and attractive to customers for that reason, but when you get to higher ranks of competitive play, that game turns into a religion almost lol. Players know every single point of detail about every character. Damage per ability, range, dropoff, cooldown time, hitboxes, upcoming balance changes, lore, etc are all common knowledge. Very dedicated fan base.

FinalFantasyFanatic122d ago

I couldn't agree more, after playing alot Overwatch it's simplicity for each character is great, but watching the complexity of high level play is maddening. It's just a really well thought out team-based shooter.

letsa_go121d ago

I bet Cliffy feels like David Jones did when he left Rockstar before GTA3 came out. Cliff probably wishes he was still at Epic working on fortnite!

Gahl1k121d ago

He still got a lot of money to burn, and his job is secured with Epic, it is the employees who got hurt.

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The story is too old to be commented.