GameZone: Renegade Kid Founder and Creative Director Jools Watsham on the DS FPS Moon

GameZone writes: "'The heart of Moon is certainly a FPS, but we've also focused a lot of our attention on the story aspect of the game, which we hope results in an enjoyable blend of action and adventure.'

It's not everyday that a developer chooses to create a new first-person shooter for the Nintendo DS. Though the dual-screened handheld has been hugely successful, it isn't as powerful as PSP, and certainly cannot compare to the latest consoles. But when it came time to develop Moon, Renegade Kid didn't look at the other guys. This developer went straight to Nintendo DS.

"We chose to develop Moon for the DS for a number of reasons," said Jools Watsham, Founder/Creative Director of Renegade Kid. "We love the DS. We wanted to build upon the technology we created for Dementium: The Ward, and we wanted to work with Mastiff. We approached Mastiff and they were onboard with the idea straight away. Having an opportunity to develop an original FPS title for the DS was something we were all instantly excited about.'"

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