From Kong to Kirby: Smash Bros' Masahiro Sakurai on mashing up 35 years of gaming history

The developer talks about Super Smash Bros Ultimate, the ‘eternal appeal of gaming’ and the challenge of appealing to casual fans and pros at the same time

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PhoenixUp159d ago

It’s very impressive in how in-depth Super Smash Bros has become in celebrating portions of history for Konami. Sega, Capcom, & Bandai Namco so harmoniously with Nintendo’s.

I wish Square Enix would get more portrayal in the series as well because so far they’re the least amount of representation out of all the other third party publishers.

On a side note it’s nice to see indie icons get some love in the series. Even Koei Tecmo & Ubisoft got a few shoutouts with some trophies.

PhantomS42157d ago

If Squared allowed it there are enough Final Fantasy characters to rival the Fire Emblem line up...but that would just make it an entirely different game which I kind of want. Smash style FE vs FF

PhoenixUp157d ago

Anytime a third party publisher gets a second rep, it’s from a different genre than their first character.

Capcom with Mega Man and Street Fighter
Sega with Sonic the Hedgehog and Bayonetta
Konami with Metal Gear and Castlevania

By series tradition if Square Enix were to have another rep it’d have be from a non-RPG franchise.

FallenAngel1984159d ago

One of my favorite thing about Super Smash Bros is how various outlandish events and ideas come to fruition within the series