Spider-Man Dev: Rocksteady Redefined Superhero Games, We Want to be at their Same Level

Marvel's Spider-Man Director Bryan Intihar said that Rocksteady redefined superhero games and Insomniac wants to be at their same level with this game.

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Jackhass72d ago

It's a high bar, but I think they may have done it.

lxeasy72d ago

Yeah they have a good shot at being at their level. The game looks great.

Lovable71d ago

Yeah gotta surpass Superman 64. Tough competition out

Cybermario72d ago

the hype is real, well my hype that's it.

SuperSonic9171d ago (Edited 71d ago )

To our surprise our Xbox only coworker just preordered the red bunduru. Now he is dual wielding

Spurg72d ago

I really don't feel the hype for Spiderman tbh... insomniac didn't try to make a unique Spiderman game with unique gameplay that you make him standout in comparison to Batman. I'm honestly more interested in Days gone than Spiderman.

I really want to see what Rocksteady does with their next superhero game.

Rimeskeem72d ago

I wanna see you web sling with Batman.

Spurg72d ago

Even Insomniac themselves say they were inspired by Arkham's gameplay and you have to be blind to not see that the fighting and stealth is clearly taken from the Arkham game.

AspiringProGenji72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

his game will be able to stand out on its own. Spiderman has lots of unique abilities that can give that gameplay a little twist. And of course, it is spiderman.

Casepb72d ago

How much different could you make a beat em up game though? Spider-Man is plenty different enough from Batman. For starters Spider-Man is far more interesting of a character. :)

bloop72d ago

I like Spiderman and I'm hyped for this game big time but, a more interesting character than Batman? Nah.

Scatpants72d ago

Not directly copying the hiding in the rafters stealth attacks would be a start for not copying them. However, in this case I feel like these attacks are almost more suited to Spiderman what with the hanging people from the ceiling. Spiderman just doesn't seem like a stealth kind of superhero to me though. He's more of a run in and beat everyone up with his heightened agility type of hero.

BlackTar18771d ago

more interesting lol naw

Spiderman is cool but Batman is better in almost every way.

ShadowWolf71271d ago


Spidey is very much a stealthy super when he needs to be. Which is pretty often.

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KwietStorm72d ago

"Inspired by" =/= nothing unique. The combat looks similar, and that's about it. Do you know how much work it takes to have 20+ unique suits in the game, all with abilites and upgrade trees, on top of actually modelling them? Of all the Spiderman games made since the 16-bit era, this has to be the first to actually go in depth with the relationship between Peter Parker and Spiderman, highlighting his persistent fight for parity from the comics, nevermind playing as Mary Jane and possibly Miles Morales. To say there's nothing unique is to say they didn't make a Spiderman game.

Scatpants72d ago

The stealth attack sections are almost a direct copy.

shuvam0972d ago (Edited 72d ago )

God, I hope they release a demo of this game...
You won't believe how different the combat is...
That's the best part of the game, better than swinging...
You can do tricks while in air after swinging too, if you want something new...

tontontam072d ago (Edited 72d ago )

I don't understand why people praises rocksteady like they "invented? Innovated? gameplay" all they did was improved on systems that already exist on old games.

I assume that people who says this only played halo during the ps2/xbox/gamecube gen. They only played halo they have no idea how other games slowly improved through the years.

Thunder_G0d_Bane72d ago

You’re more interested in a generic zombie game with mediocre combat compared to this work of art by insomniac?

Good luck with that. I bet metacritic for Spider-Man will blow days gone out the water.

Scatpants72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Nah no one wants mediocre, they want different than Batman.

RememberThe35772d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Who is this "they" you're representing? Are these all the voices in your head?

Scatpants71d ago

Oh sorry maybe you do want a mediocre game that's just like Batman. Sorry for assuming.

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-Foxtrot72d ago

High bar but I felt Rocksteady lost their touch a little with Arkham Knight...just felt off in some places compared to City.

Oh and I mean a Deathstroke battle reduced to one of the same old tank/batmobile missions. Come on it's f***** Deathstroke even Origins handled him better.

Spurg72d ago

They set the bar and no superhero game is able to dethrone them not even the copycat Spiderman game.
I didn't mind the batmobile in Arkham Knight but I do agree that the boss fight were not as good as the previous games.

jimbost7972d ago

Well thats it then, noone should bother making superhero games anymore. Batman can't be bettered.
How is it a copycat game?
If it is a copycat game, then aren't 95% of all games copycat games?
Surely Spiderman looks better than days gone?
But each to their own.

justchilliando72d ago

I can tell u from playing the game at E3 it's quality is top notch , Batman city was empty this city is full of people and they feel alive , they basically grabed the Batman combat and cranked it up to 20 , and btw Batman was not the first game to create that combat they made it better and now Spiderman has made it even much better , see Batman combat didn't evolve , Spiderman does , the timing is everything, will depend what combo u pull off as well as all the gadgets , I love Batman all of them I even rebought it on PS4 pro and Xbox one x and my gtx 1070 , I truly have played it many times , but the day I played Spiderman , the demo won me over instantly as soon as I saw how deep the combat was just in the demo , and the gorgeous city and size , and it's verticle big time , and under ground and opps spoiler sorry , but it's a much longer game , just remember exclusive games will all be better then a multiplatform game , always the focus on one platform plus having the back up with always top ports

outsider162472d ago

I love the Arkham series but calling the Spiderman game copy cat
So tell me who should they take inspiration from? Mario? Call of duty?Anyway, come back to me when the arkham series actually have a living, breathing city filled with pedestrians.

yomfweeee72d ago

I'm glad you played this game already, is your complete review available somewhere?

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Rimeskeem72d ago

Honestly, the choices rocksteady made with Knight were bad and took away a lot of freedom.

-Foxtrot72d ago

It's sad because ever since Asylum all I wanted was Gotham City to drive around in with the Batmobile...we got that yet they relied far too much on the Batmobile, from main missions like the same old tank battles as I stated above to the smaller things like gathering some Riddler trophies. It become annoying.

Sunny_D72d ago

The driving wasn’t that great to me partly due to the fact it was confined to a city with just the criminals all over again. They did that twice already with City and Origins. I was hoping for a living breathing Gotham with citizens and the like.

Scatpants72d ago

Right, the main battle with a hand to hand combat expert being fought in a tank. Makes absolutely no sense other than that it would be easier to make than a legit boss battle.

SCW198272d ago

Unless Spider-man turns into a tank for half of the game I think they may have surpassed them.

DEEHULK8872d ago

That is the stupidest fkn thing that i have ever heard.

thejigisup72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

It's only stupid bc it had to be said at sone point. But yeah, the likelihood of Spider-Man turning into a mechanized tank is slim to none so I'm confident we won't have that issue at all.

Edit: I swear, if I have to eat my words on this I'll say that I'm quitting console gaming but I won't actually.

SCW198272d ago

@ Dee
Of course it is but that’s the only way it doesn’t have a chance of being better than Arkham Knight. Those misguided Batmobile segments absolutely ruined the game, what were they thinking.

DEEHULK8871d ago

Yeah, but there were two games before that game and both were well received.

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