Why VR Will Never Overtake Traditional Gaming

Virtual Reality was never going to be the future of gaming. Instead, it's going to be part of gaming's future.

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ApocalypseShadow1212d ago

Article writer, you're trying to predict the future when the future is not set(Lol!Terminator reference )

You're trying to say that gamers will forever be playing games the exact same way for the next 50 years in front of a television screen. How morbid a future.

I don't know if it will replace flat screen gaming or not. But vr controls, vr hmds and movement in those worlds will not stay the same. I used to play games with a knob,then a joystick and one red button. The controls of today are quite different. I started gaming on a black and white tv. Now tvs have colors and definition beyond what I saw in the beginning.

Also, playing in vr doesn't mean you have to stand up or move about flailing your arms. Almost ever game you can sit on a couch as you would in flat gaming. With a controller in your hands if you prefer. And I expect the hmds to be light as wearing shades eventually.

You define immersion as any game that commands your attention. No amount of flat screen attention will ever compare to the immersion of vr. I don't care how good it looks in first person on the tv. The tv detaches you away from what real immersion is.

You have to be from a time where you see change happen to know it won't stay the same. Like I saw records and 8 track turn into cassettes. Then laser and mini discs to cds then mp3s. Cartridges and cassettes to cds, bluray. Then, just files you can download. The goal is the same. How you use it is quite different. I no longer have a boom box and a bag of cassettes. I now have my phone with tons of music and wirelessly send it to home devices and the car.

There's no guarantee that flat couch gaming will always be that way forever. Or that people won't become more active in the future of gaming. We just have to live to see it and see how things turn out.

Phantom681210d ago

It does not have to, not at the moment anyway; but what about in several years time? How does the writer know what the future would look like for VR or any new tech that may be discover to give gamers a full immersion experience?

The_Sage1210d ago

I will say this... As a Husband and a Father, VR is something I very rarely do. As awesome as it is, I still need to be available in the real world. With the headset on, headphones covering my ears, I'm essentially not in the real world. If my phone is ringing, or someone needs to ask me something or show me something they have to tap me to get my attention. Then off come the phones and headset. It's annoying to me, and those I live with. VR will never be my go to for gaming.

T2X1210d ago

I understand that! But I think the future of VR is very bright and will be far more in depth than right now. As for those of us with responsibilities in the real world, well we'll just have to put aside some time to fully immerse ourselves in the tech, even if it's just for a few hours!

The_Sage1210d ago

I couldn't agree more. I usually VR when everyone is gone. I set my phone on my leg so I can feel it vibrate if I get a call... Though it scares the shit out of me when someone comes home and taps me. More than once I've screamed like a little girl. Lol

Einhander19711210d ago

I don’t think it will ever replace, there is room for both. I have PSVR and a big 4K tv and love both experiences.

Nicknasty1209d ago

It's one man's opinion and my opinion is you're wrong. VR will be the way of the future.