Worst Video Game Snacks

Carrot sticks and pretzels are great for the gaming lifestyle. These sloppy treats, not so much.

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Blink_443650d ago

Omg i never eat cheetos when im playing games...the orange stuff gets all over the controler.

JustinSaneV23650d ago

I like frozen grapes and water.

WhittO3650d ago

i just dont eat wen gaming, i try wen the loading screen is on, but end up scoffing it in like 10 secs really quick lol.

JustinSaneV23650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Improper comma use?

Someone needs to pay more attention in class. :D

WhittO3649d ago

lol actually my use of commas is fine, it represents a pause in my sentence, not the end of it.