Xbox 360 steals Tokyo Game Show

The Japanese Times writes: The biggest announcement at the four-day Tokyo Game Show 2008 (Oct. 9-12) at Makuhari Messe convetion center in Chiba Prefecture was not for a Japanese title and not by a Japanese company.

On the first of the two press days, Microsoft exec John Schappert announced the Xbox 360 title "Halo 3: Recon," a game that was rumored to have been pulled from Microsoft's announcement lineup earlier this year at the Los Angeles game-industry event E3. "Halo 3: Recon" is an expansion of the wildly popular first-person-shooter "Halo 3," and will be out in North America next fall. While Microsoft's "Halo" franchise is a juggernaut among Western gamers, the series has had a tepid reception at best in Japan, where first-person-shooters aren't as popular. The reason for announcing such a Western-centric title at a Japanese event was simple: Free press.

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XBox RRoDed again3650d ago

for making me....the life...of th....oh God not again! (RRoD)

GiantEnemyCrab3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Oh wow another RROD joke! You are as sharp as a butterknife my stinky fishhead troll.

This is great press coming Japan, Sony mentioned only as a footnote. LOL Times they are a changin.

morganfell3650d ago

End of argument and I didn't even need to mention RROD

lawman11083650d ago

The Sony toilet is CLOGED with $hit games and all you can coment on is a 2 yr old problem that is a thing of the past. Go build a Penis on Little big turd and suck it.

Imallvol73650d ago

Good to hear. Competition is only making things better for me. May be Sony will step it up now in Japan.

Gitaroo3650d ago

definitely need to push Sony harder, because SCEJ is the crappiest of all the SCE division.

kwicksandz3650d ago

SCEE cant even pull their finger out of their arse long enough to give the PS store a demo section.

air13650d ago

quick dial 911. you need help..

year of the ps3 lmfao..

MvmntInGrn3650d ago

I would hardly say they stole the show. TGS was more bland than E3 this year, quite bad.

ultimolu3650d ago

Stole what exactly?
The show sucked.

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The story is too old to be commented.