It's Time For Game Companies to Embrace Product Placement Advertising

Product placement isn’t anything new; it’s saturated TV and movies for decades. And while it has been in video games, it’s nowhere near as pervasive as it is on the big screen. But why? With the video game industry set to change as subscription services become more widespread, there’s never been a better time for developers to explore other fields of revenue.

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theXtReMe168d ago

I’ve never understood the lack of product placement advertisement in games. They can offset cost by doing so. I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 20 years. It makes no sense whatsoever, especially with how many people play video games, that they haven’t done this yet.

Publishers and developers could have been doubling, tripling or quadrupling or more their profits. Wasted potential.

hikikomori-yume68d ago

Commercial advertisements have ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE in video games.

annoyedgamer68d ago (Edited 68d ago )

Alan Wake had them. They fit in very well and made the world look like a very real pacific northwest American town. I went looking on the maps to see if twas real after I finished the game..imagine my disappointment.

NecrumOddBoy68d ago

Product placement in certain games like sports games racing games for example where it makes sense is a great idea. But when you inject them into the game world and they're only trying to serve the purpose of selling a product, they just look terrible. This is like Homefront having all those Monster energy drink machines to take cover behind.

Shikoku68d ago

Its a terrible idea just stop being cheap.

Kosic67d ago

I agree. If this can help either reduce cost for dlc or cover the costs so we don't have paid for dlc.

Free to play games could be more fair and have adverts (which dont require you to watch 30 seconds or footage) but have billboards to advertise X Y and Z.

It doesn't hurt gaming, and most games make up their own adverts (look at GTA).

STK02668d ago

If well done, I completely agree. For example, I didn't mind seeing some ads for a Dodge truck I think on some billboards in Crackdown. I, however, would not be interested in seeing some Pepsi-branded beverages in a medieval setting.

Vanakka68d ago

I mean Pepsi could be in lets say the Witcher 3 if they medieval styled the drink mugs ect

annoyedgamer68d ago

There are good ways to insert product placements and bad ways...this is one of the latter.

FTLmaster68d ago

Weirdly, this is a great idea. Costs of games are ballooning out of control and this'll help to offset some of the costs.

annoyedgamer68d ago

The ballooning cost is fake news manufactured by corporate game studios like EA, Activision and Ubisoft. The rise of Indies and kickstarter has shown the the actual development coast has decreased due to better accessibility to development tools.

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