6 ways Metal Gear can have a future after Survive

If Konami keeps the legendary stealth action series going, here are some possible directions.

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jbull703d ago

MGS Survive was a disaster, a game no one asked for. One thing they could do is take inspiration from Capcom remaking Resident Evil 2 and remake MGS3 Snake Eater, think about it, the open world aspect, survival elements/crafting, The End boss battle, it definitely has the most potential plus they can add on some multiplayer too please the suits.

C4rnos703d ago

Funnily enough my biggest praise of Survive was the fact it was very MGS3 in its mechanics, I think the hate for survive is blown out of proportion though- as a single-player survival game in the MGS setting it really is a fun game, and those of you that have seen some reviews about the water or food, that issue passes a few hours in.

Regardless- a remake of MGS3 is probably one of the most sought after things for the franchise and i'd be very excited if such a thing was announced (it's even less work now because they remade a lot of the cutscenes for pachinko machines!).

That said perhaps a classical but new take on MGS could be good too- go back to the heavily narrated style of past games with a new director.

jbull703d ago

Whatever Konami decide whether its reboot/remake or entirely new sequel, hell even the original MG 1&2 there is a strong hardcore fan base that will buy it.

rawshack703d ago

Remake the 8bit games they first made. Metal gear 1 and 2

Tankbusta40703d ago (Edited 703d ago )

I think they should get a young(ish) director who grew up with the series and will take it in directions that Kojima simply wouldn't. I think making Ocelot the main character for a game would be amazing!

MazeRunner703d ago

a metal gear solid remake for current consoles would be insane. sometimes i just dont know why these companies dont capitalize on this. i mean theres a ton of other companies out there willing to bring these titles to the current generation of consoles. iron galaxy, panic button to name a few. come on konami, make it happen

lazyboyblue703d ago

There's already an mgsvi in development. Has to be.

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