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An ambitious, stylish and savage takedown of British hubris, but clunky crafting, collecting and combat make for a somewhat dull game

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zaherdab1214d ago

Microsoft should have waited before buying this dev team ...

agnosticgamer1214d ago

Pretty sure they didn't buy them off of this game... More like they liked the talent and potential they could bring to the table with the right staffing and game budget. I'm certain MS and Phil Spencer has more information than you when it came to vetting the potential of the company.

zaherdab1213d ago

Pretty sure Phil Spenser was trying to market most of the flops they recently released ( Sea of thieves, state of decay 2 ) as AAA games if you trust his judgment over mine all the more power to you man :) i play my games and i own an Xbox one x ... and I entitled to my opinion when it comes to being disappointed with Microsoft's track record this generation.

agnosticgamer1213d ago

@Zaherdab what are you smoking? State of Decay 2 was never considered a AAA title... Note the launch price... It wasn't a AAA title and never sold as one. You consider a $30 title a AAA title? now I question your judgement. Sea of Thieves had a weak launch, because of lack of content (all fetch quests) but all expansions are free and it is growing into a AAA title. It was the first big scale MMO they launched so I'm sure they learned a lot from it. Honestly don't care if you own an Xbox or not but congrats.

zaherdab1212d ago

I honestly don't care :)