Introducing the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Commemorating 500 Million Systems Sold

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially sold more than 525.3 Million PlayStation systems worldwide! With 500 Million PlayStation systems sold, that means countless adventures into the unknown, courageous stands against evil, and life-long memories of playing with family and friends. Thank you to all our fans for your passionate support over the past 24 years, which made all of this possible.

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UltraNova73d ago

Thats one damn sexy machine right there....

bouzebbal73d ago

That's 60000 systems a day, 2 systems every 3seconds for the last 24 years.

Italiano123456773d ago

Its actually 525 million but whos counting

joab77772d ago

So close to one every second. That’s madness!

feju72d ago

With these bombastic numbers and 1st party exclusives for many years but still fail to kick Xbox/Nintendo platforms out of gaming business. Even so many 'experts' have wished them to retreat, but still not able to shake their revenues.

Babadook772d ago

Does it come with those platinum headphones?? If so, that’s a premium bundle!

MajorLazer70d ago

Insane considering there's been 4 home consoles and two handhelds (Vita flopped hard though so barely contributed to that 500+ million. Let's say 510 Million over 5 devices (remove Vita's sales). Simply staggering. My first console was a PS1 and other than early in the 7th gen when I picked up a 360 because they were better at that point, always been Sony and always will be. Owned every device bar the Vita (which is a damn shame because the Vita is like the perfect handheld, just needed the support).

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KickSpinFilter73d ago

That's a Sexy beast. I think this is the first time for me in my gaming history that I am considering purchasing one of these even though I have a Pro already. (my wife would kill me)

UltraNova73d ago

Trade your Pro for this one. Problem solved, wife happy :-)

Str8Chaos7472d ago

That thing is awesome and good idea UltraNova, I think I am going to take your advice and trade mine for that one.

KickSpinFilter73d ago

Ya I'll only get $200 for org Pro.
LOL I'm redoing my kitchen this year, can't... just can't.

WalkerFTW73d ago

Rip your money, kitchens are super expensive

Sam Fisher72d ago

Where you live, ima plumber i can give you a good deww al so you can buy this beast

rainslacker73d ago

Wow....that's a really sleek system. Kind of want that instead of the Spider-man one now.

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Neonridr73d ago

I like the translucency going on there. Not a bad limited edition machine at all.

NarooN72d ago

Reminds me of the old translucent PS2 Phats from back in the day.

Rimeskeem73d ago

I wanted the Spider-Man one, now I want this one, let alone he KH3 one. Fuck

Relientk7773d ago

One does not simply choose between limited edition PS4s.

Rimeskeem73d ago

It would be easier if I didn’t have a pro already FECK

Kratos_Kart200773d ago

This is indeed a disturbing universe.....

UltraNova73d ago

Thats if you manage to secure one first ;-)

rainslacker73d ago

I know I could afford to get all these LE's, but something inside me says not to. OTOH, it'd be nice to have a good collection of all the LE's. I could make a nice display case. My wife can go to Europe another time maybe....

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danoman6473d ago

Sony my wallet isn’t exactly happy with you

Relientk7773d ago

My happiness > wallet's happiness

TorpeAlex73d ago

It's only $500! That's actually a pretty decent deal, considering you get a 2TB hard drive and a PS Camera.