New Final Fantasy XV patch adds new online features, full release notes revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Square Enix has released a brand new patch for Final Fantasy XV. Unfortunately, this patch does not introduce the highly anticipated extended modding tools. However, it does add some online features and fixes various bugs."

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Teflon02161d ago

Wait I'm confused is that saying it's adding your avatar to single player now?

Chaosdreams161d ago

Sounds like it. From what I read you'll be able to switch Noctis out with your Comrades avatar, and in doing so, your single player world will act something keen to Dark Souls (where you see other phantasms, or ghosts).


-Gespenst-161d ago

Seems a strange addition. Instead, they could have added an option to customize Noctis and co.'s appearances a la Comrades. Be cool if you could have older Noctis' hair on younger Noctis. Also I prefer older Gladiolus' hair.

Teflon02161d ago

Sounds good to me, I've started to replay it on PC but played some comrades first. I'd love to do that this time since I've played and plat it on PS4 in the past. It would be nice to do this for this playthrough.

I'm assuming the reason they'll deal with it like that is because your avatar can be either male or female. So just customizing Noctis would make for some extremely awkward situations at times. So doing it like that kinda excuses some things. Remember it was a story of 4 bros on a adventure

Repjaws161d ago

When are they releasing the patch that gives you side quests that aren't blatant fetch quests?