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From GameWatcher: "It seems a lot longer ago, but it’s been only five years since Creative Assembly’s magnum opus Rome II was launched. Though extremely buggy at the time, the game came leaps and bounds since 2013, and the game in front of us today is undoubtedly the best historical Total War to date. I know it, Creative Assembly knows it, and the 11,000 people playing Rome II every day know it."

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traumadisaster728d ago

Total War games, my favorite for decades. I've more hours spent in these games than all others combined. Lately I've been playing their beta Total War Arena and I don't know how I'll split my time now, hehe. I'm really happy with the support this game got over the years.

DerekTweed728d ago

I started a game with Roma on normal and got my a** handed to me, the Veii had 2 or 3 stacks from the start and the the southern faction declared war on me, I was down to just Roma and my army destroyed.

I rage quit and started again on easy. lol