Okami HD's Switch release is a nigh-on flawless port

From Eurogamer: "Released more than 12 years ago, the original Okami arrived during the PlayStation 2's twilight years. It's a sprawling open-ended action RPG fusing The Legend of Zelda with ancient Japanese history and at the time of its initial release, it was also one of the most ambitious and expensive games undertaken by publisher Capcom. It's a beautiful adventure and one the firm has seen fit to re-release across three generations of consoles - and it now arrives on Nintendo Switch, boasting new features including touchscreen input and motion control, along with HD visuals in line with the other current-gen ports."

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CrimsonWing69163d ago

Well I’d hope so since it’s a last gen HD remaster of a PS2 game...

SurgicalMenace163d ago

Took the words right out of my mind. Lol

CobraKai163d ago

I prefer the slightly muted colors of the PS2 version. I feel it replicates the look of water color on paper.

JunMei163d ago

God dammit. I'm going to buy this again.