The Greg Miller Story

Polygon's Colin Campbell writes: One of gaming’s most popular internet personalities talks about life, games and celebrity.

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UltraNova129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Honestly, I read this interview and got to know who Miller was, its kinda funny really ;-)

Good work Polygon.

gamer7804128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Greg is great at what he does but i never feel like i truly know him. Colin reached out to Greg recently and asked if if greg wanted to talk perhaps not leave things how they were. Greg had no interest, Colin knew that if he atleast didn't extend a hand out to be a better person he would regret it if anything ever happened to greg. I was sad to hear that greg didn't want to do this even privately.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart128d ago

@gamer784: Where did you get this info about Greg not wanting to patch things up with Colin?. Do you have a link for this info?. If this is true then Greg is truly a scum bag.

CrimsonWing69128d ago (Edited 128d ago )


From the man, himself.

Fluxour128d ago

What happened between colin and greg?

ArchangelMike128d ago

A brilliant read. Although I have to be honest that once Collin left Kinda Funny (I still feel he was thrown under the bus by Greg), I lost interest in Kinda Funny.

UltraNova128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

He was indeed abandoned simply because everyone, including Greg wanted to distance themselves from the backlash. All those years thrown down the drain for what was a poorly timed joke.

OB1Biker128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

The backlash was pathetic. I often disagreed with Colin and never been a fan but he got my respect on this one.

fiveby9128d ago

I stopped watching KF following that incident in how Greg and the other members of KF treated Colin. As they say, "With friends like that who needs ...". The joke was so harmless too. Colin and Greg were a good duo. The other lack'ies are insignificant.

Bronxs15128d ago

Can someone update me, been out of the podcast loop. What happened with them? What did Colin say??

Side note I liked listening to beyond with it was Greg Colin and powerhouse Ryan lol

NecrumOddBoy128d ago

Greg is a backstabbing fool. He let Tim Gettys turn Kinda Funny in to a lame ass channel and watched as the Colin joke issue go down so he could turn on him. Greg is a garbage friend and a liar. KFG is now filled with dumb Let's Plays and their daily podcasts are devoid of intellectual thought. Greg cries about getting free codes because he feels entitled but doesn't finish a single in his list. The term "best friend" means if you only fit into their social justice warrior ideologies. I tried to get back into KFG, but it's such trash now. There's so many better outlets that deserve your money. KFG deserves nothing.

On the other hand, Colin is doing his Fireside Chats and weekly gaming videos. His retro knock-back podcast with his brother is one of my favorite podcast of all time. And he started a PlayStation podcast which I think is just fantastic. He's done better for himself ever since he left that toxic environment.

Blastoise128d ago

Really enjoying the Sacred Symbols podcast

NecrumOddBoy128d ago (Edited 128d ago )


For all the crap Colin went through during Greg's cancer and divorce, he stuck by him and would die for his Greg... then for Greg to turn around and just throw Colin to the curb like garbage, is just the most effin' disgusting thing a supposed friend could do. I hope every one pulls KFG Patron because it just enables the toxicity the industry doesn't need. Put it toward Colin, ACG, GiantBomb, Jim Sterling, and even Jared Petty's own shows. KFG makes money for being scumbags who can't even deliver real content outside of drinking and making heinous jokes (that the left can get away with).

Majin-vegeta128d ago

Man that was a day.I was watching the PC police have a mental breakdown over that joke🤣

Papafynn128d ago

Colin's joke, a joke never the less was uncouth and improper giving the timing. He should have apologized. That wasn't a hill worth dying on but who is Colin if not a man of his he stuck to them. His contrarian opinion is missed but alas the internets fills that void. Godspeed Colin.

MrSwankSinatra128d ago

he did apologize, what are you talking about?

fiveby9128d ago

Colin's joke was hamrless in the grand scheme of things. Slightly edgy humor. Some people are just way way too sensitive.

rainslacker128d ago

Making an poorly timed joke is no reason to have ones career striped away from them. Nor is it a reason to have to go through what he went through when all of this happened.

I think no one is so perfect that they haven't been in a similar situation.

He didn't need to apologize. He should have said he understands why people were upset, but they need to stop being so sensitive, and realize that the world isn't going to end because some random person says something that may be offensive to some people that can't take a joke.

doughnutsfan128d ago

yes, colin was the best part about KF, Tym gettys of whatever his name is annoys tf out of me, like he has no business talking about games bc he doesn't know half the staff he's talking about, like he said he loves kingdom hearts and doesn't even know tetsuya nomura's name

Mr Pumblechook128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I remember watching a live PSX conference with Shuhei Yoshida present. Greg Miller started making a dedication to his friend Colin Moriarty for being a great friend and supporting him through his cancer battle, Miller began crying as he spoke. I watched and I thought 'that's friendship.'

Then Colin Moriarty made a joke. Greg hated the joke because he felt it was offensive to women. However I think Greg could have made clear that HE didn't like the joke but that he would still support his friend. Ultimately Greg Miller was so consumed by his Alt-left politics he thought it was worth ending a friendship over.

VenomUK128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

but when did it ha

gamer7804128d ago

Yah i still listen but no longer am a patreon supporter. Also not a fan of Blaine at rooster teeth and how they work so closely with them. Blaine lashed out at Colin for his joke too. Jokes at each of their channels have been far far worse than what Colin said.

generic-user-name128d ago

KF was balanced nicely with Greg and Colin combined, I disagreed with Colin's gaming opinions half the time but he still added a great deal to the conversation and usually offered the other side of the coin. Since Greg absolutely stabbed him in the back, KF has become something gross. Greg+4 lackies (I like Andrea, I guess Andy is decent too), drinking their iced-coffees and LaCroixs, grown complacent with their Patreon success, offering little-to-no interesting discussion anymore because they are an echo chamber, they've also become heavily pro Nintendo since Tim and Jared became more prominent and very left wing (if Polygon is singing your praises, that's a red flag).

Then there's Jared, he seems like a very nice, decent man, but my god is he boring. There has been times when I tried giving them another chance, but then someone mentions an obscure Japanese arcade game from 1987 and I have to hear about it for what feels like an eternity from Jared so I just switch off. Man I miss PS I Love You XOXO. I will need to check out Colin's new Sacred Symbols podcast, hopefully it will fill the void.

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AspiringProGenji128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I enjoyed the Oreo cookies reviews on his yt channel

MrSwankSinatra128d ago

i can't take this guy seriously anymore after he pretty much backstabbed his bestfriend. dude is a tool and i stand by that.

Ristul128d ago

The guy is a backstabber, now I follow Colin's new gaming channel instead (Colin's Last Stand: Side Quest).

fiveby9128d ago

Same for me. I cannot respect Greg at all. KF would have been better off with Colin. If they were going to get rid of a personality it should have been Tim Getty's. He adds nothing of significance to the business. So instead I watch and enjoy Colin's new YT channels.

Omegasyde128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I had no idea Colin went back into gaming after the political shows.

Thanks for sharing! Going to subscribe now to his channels.

Screw Gettys and Kinda Political correctness.

ptownjbo128d ago

@omegasyde, yeah! One weekly video show that’s opinion pieces and reviews, plus a weekly PlayStation podcast, and a weekly retro/nostalgia podcast, and lastly a miscellaneous discussion weekly podcast! The dude is killing it.

Sacred Symbols - A PlayStation Podcast
Knockback - Retro podcast
Fireside chats - Random topics podcast
Sidequest on YT - opinions/reviews


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