Top 5 PlayStation 5 Features Gamers Want at Launch

Article lists top 5 requested features that gamers would like to see PlayStation shipped with day one. It includes features that are usually talked about on internet forums and social media. So check top 5 requested PlayStation 5 features

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chris23568d ago

there is only one feature i want from the ps5: lose the totally pointless discs. everything else will be fine. i guess the first complete hardwareless gen will be ps6. and i can‘t wait for that either.

Phoenix7668d ago

Sorry but I don't agree with a discless system. An all digital future, whilst a nice idea, would hurt sales due to people's data caps and in some places, sketchy connection to the web, plus the fact it would be a DRM future. So if connection goes down, who's to say you'll be able play any of your titles. Also, ATM, I am able to find physical version's of new games cheaper than the PS store prices.

King_Noctis68d ago

Pointless disc? Tell me you are being sarcastic.

ocelot0768d ago

1, BC compatibility - Would be nice and am certain it will be a feature.
2, Cross play - Sony already support cross play. In fact they have the most cross play titles out of the 3 consoles.
3, Current features - Would be nice I suppose.
4, Improved controller - I really like the DS4 my self probably the best controller I have ever used.
5, 4K 60FPS for all games? - Yer not going to happen.

I would like to know how this site figured this was the top 5 features "gamers" wanted. I would of thought the likes of Digital Trade in would have been a more requested feature than cross play.

bigmalky67d ago

Top 5 most clickbait Xbox marketing shill site wants for the PS5.

Just buy Microsoft instead of making demands that few PS gamers want on our behalf, thanks. BC will do.

The amateur media are soulless whores with little imagination or talent enough to write real articles.