And Now For Some Award-Winning God Of War Photography

God of War has a very nice photography mode, which was put to the test recently in an official contest held by PlayStation.

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UltraNova1385d ago

The eye candy is real...the most beautiful game ever bar none....

MasterCornholio1385d ago

Beautiful on Da PRO and Base PS4.


NateBOY1385d ago

Best ps4 exclusive so far

Ceaser98573611385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

I was waiting for the NG+ so that I could spam photo mode features.. Can't wait for 20th Aug...

That Axe shot one was beautiful..

ClayRules20121385d ago

It’s amazing, the kind of stunning shots gamers can capture. Gorgeous, gorgeous game.

I can’t wait to use photo mode in Detroit (hopefully soon) and than Spider-Man’s Photo Mode. It’ll be mind blowing what people capture.

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