The Super-Fans Of Detroit: Become Human Hate Most Of The Game

Kotaku: "Every media property that has fans has a fandom—that is to say, a community of fans who create their own subculture inspired by and revolved around the franchise they love. Only some fandoms grow big enough that they catch the attention of the world at large, and sometimes even the creators of the media property in question. I’ve observed two different kinds of fandoms. There are fans that look at the things they like with a collector’s mindset, like the fans who are dissatisfied with the Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. These “collectors” feel ownership over that property and want to control it. The second kind of fandom that I have seen tends to approach the thing they like with an eye to expand upon that world. Detroit: Become Human seems to have attracted the latter kind of fandom, specifically because of the relationship between the android cop Connor and his human partner Hank. These fans don’t seem to want to control or change the original property; some of them don’t even like it."

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bigmalky70d ago

Wow... Kotaku, you are getting worse.

fiveby970d ago

I feel better every time I avoid a Kotaku article.

bigmalky70d ago

The average gamer IQ would rise drastically if Kotaku readers abandoned the site.

generic-user-name70d ago

Kotaku have an axe to grind with Cage. You can see the venom in their Detroit review.

Sy_Wolf70d ago

I tend to forget how awful kotaku is sometimes. Thankfully they write stuff like this to remind me constantly.

NecrumOddBoy70d ago

But they cited Tumbler, so you know they are hip, edgy and in with the cool kids. 🤗

Truly a garbage truck load of trash at Kotaku.

AK9170d ago

Oh Kotaku when will you ever learn?

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