If You Want to Buy an Xbox One X, GameStop Offers Up to $300 for PS4 Pro, PS4, Switch, or Xbox One

Looks like GameStop is really eager to pick up your old console if you're buying an Xbox One X, offering between $200 and 300 in trade value.

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DarkVoyager75d ago

No one in their right mind would trade a PS4 for and Xbox One. Especially with Spider-Man launching next month.

ziggurcat75d ago

I would trade in my Xbox One S if I could get that much in credit towards an X.

JaguarEvolved75d ago

So you can trade in a system that actually has exclusive games to get a more expensive gaming system without any exclusives

ziggurcat75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I have a PS4 Pro, and an Xbox One S. I would like to have an X in place of my S. The same games that are playable on the S are playable on the X, so nothing is lost...

Edit: I would not trade my PS4.

OB1Biker75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

The article says you get $250 for the S
They should also have similar deals and the other way round to buy the Pro. Maybe they do?

sinjonezp74d ago

So if i brought in my Xbox X could they just hand me over a PS4pro? I would love to get rid of this X. Honestly, I caught a good deal from a guy on OfferUp. He won it at a Christmas party and sold me the Xbox X for 300 bucks brand new in box. I couldn't pass up on that deal. But i really want the Pro back in my life because the X....well..we all know the limited exclusive library and the limited 4k enhanced experiences. Additionally, I'm really looking forward to that spider-man game. From owning both consoles (at one point), I just feel the PS4pro offers a better library of content compared to the Xbox. While I do love both consoles, Playstation is just right. If i were a PS4pro owner, I would never give it up for an Xbox X, especially since you still have to shell out more money on top of trading in your system.

candystop74d ago

Let me know If you're willing to sell your Xbox one X? For a good price I would gladly pick it up.

ThanatosDMC74d ago

I traded my S and they gave me a $110 credit. I replaced the HDD so it's fine.

KillBill73d ago

@JaguarEvolved - He said... "I would trade in my Xbox One S if I could get that much in credit towards an X" They are the same family of console and play the same games... so what are you talking about?

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russo12174d ago

Yep, it should be exactly the opposite, trade your xox for a pro and get an amazing bouquet of incredible and exclusive games.

annoyedgamer74d ago ShowReplies(1)
rainslacker74d ago

If they're offering up that much for a PS4, they're likely running really low on PS4P used systems. That means people are likely buying them up, and it means that people certainly aren't trading them in. I can't imagine they'll get a lot of people trading in their PS4P for an X1X right now. I can see more trading in their OGPS4 for a Pro.

Shineon74d ago

I will trade my ps4 pro for an xbox one x been trying to sell it for the longest weak azz console

DarkVoyager74d ago

“I will trade my ps4 pro for an xbox one x been trying to sell it for the longest weak azz console“

The weak console you speak of has the best games though. And their exclusives look arguably better than anything Xbox One X has to offer.

alb189973d ago

The one's who wants to play Red Dead Redemption 4K 60fps and want 2.1 HDMI will.

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XiNatsuDragnel75d ago

Nope I'm good next month is the reason

PiNkFaIrYbOi75d ago

Nope, will keep my PS4 Pro, very happy with it.

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