If You Could Only Buy One Game This Holiday Season, Which Would You Choose?

Times are tough right now with the economy in the crapper. In most cases, you aren't going to be able to get every single blockbuster title this Holday season. So, if you had to choose, which would it be? What single game is the biggest, in your eyes?

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Bladestar3651d ago

damn... good thing that's not the case....

I would pick Command and Conquer Red Alert 3... I know I know... RTS games are not popular around here... specially among the PS3 population... but RTS game is my favorite genre... FPS are 2nd... Why do you think I own a kick @$$ PC and an xbox 360? There is no love on the PS3 for RTS games...

Pennywise3651d ago

Blade... so close to letting your vile spew out without a PS3 diss. SO CLOSE.

heyheyhey3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

unnecessary mention of the PS3 = bubble down

i mean would it be that hard to just go "i would buy C&C3 because i love RTS games"????

it would save time.. and bubbles

EDIT: what?! do you read? i never said it's not true.... i said it was completely pointless you mentioning the PS3.... the article asks "what game would you buy" not "what game would you buy.... and why do you not like the PS3"

in conclusion- you have a reading disability... good day

Bladestar3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

are you saying it's not the truth? C&C Red Alert does not even have a release date on the PS3... and there are a bunch of RTS games on the xbox 360 that aren't existent on the PS3... Regardless of how many excuses you may give as to why it's a blessing that the PS3 does not have them... it's a fact... the PS3 have very little to offer to RTS fans...

It's not bashing.. it's simply stating... if I owned a PS3 I would probably say, Metal Gear... LBP does not appeal to me...

@heyheyhey - word of advice to tell someone that you are dropping bubbles... specially someone that does not care about bubbles... because it shows that you do care about bubbles... I will return the favor... and click on your red button too..

Zerodin3651d ago

Mr. Hankey Turbo Turd Puncher 9000!