PS3 Trophy cards Real Time Sync

Playfire known for their custom gamer cards has recently announced a major update to their PS3 trophy card system.

Now, this all sounds cool, and much love to Playfire for giving the PS3 users a custom gamer card solution, but seriously, when will Sony gives us real time syncing with a flash PSN gamer card?

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NBA09TheInsideFlop3746d ago

ps3 gamer cards are still not real time? you have to add games in by hand? roflmao lame.

Pennywise3746d ago

Do you still have to grab your ankles when you bend over to blow hot air?

3746d ago
Pennywise3746d ago

lmfao!!! Someone got owned and it wasnt me!

You are a joke with a name dissing the worst known bball game in history like it is unknown. Like Sony fans run around loving NBA 09. Give me a break - Its a flop and it always has been and its pretty comical that that is the only game you can be a parody of. Give it up, you suck at trolling. Pathetic.

Oh- Mom jokes?? What are you 10?

RAF-TECH3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

but these clowns don't know why it's funny.
who the heck wants to really fill in their gamercards by hand?

so please understand why they are having a fit.

ravinshield3746d ago

fake a$$ wannabe gamercards,only beaners use those playfire cards and playstation [email protected]@ets

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pp3746d ago

Who gives a rats ass ps3 sucks its not even worth the hassle by next year ps3 will be only found in second hand shops.

Marty83703746d ago

Whilst every year since launch 360's spend most of there life in repair shops.

IzKyD13313746d ago

pp, is your life so meaningless that all you do is bash a console you don't even own

PimpHandStrong3746d ago


dont hurt the kids feelings...He doesnt own a PS3 so he doesnt understand...i dont understand where the add games by hand thing came from

anyway i thought a Unic had no

Just the way this fool reacted tells me he is indeed the emo and should try getting a life! What a loser

Well played Penny

and NBA09
do us a favor and dont reproduce

Pennywise3746d ago

lol - I took a page from you and laid down my pimphandstrong!! hahaha

Bubbles for u!

PimpHandStrong3746d ago

thats funny because RROD Arcades will be priced for 2nd hand shops! It almost is right now

poeo3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

made the mistake reading the comments in the open zone... yikes!

anyway i recently just discovered Playfire, pretty cool site. it was fun cataloging all my games.

Bnet3433746d ago

Yeah I use playfire but I hate adding trophys on my own. I got a bunch of Stardust HD trophies but too lazy to add.

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