Seriously Konami, Now’s the Perfect Time for a New Castlevania Game on Switch

With all of this Castlevania mixing it up with Smash Bros., Twinfinite thinks it’s time, time for the series to come back strong on a Nintendo console.

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NovusTerminus168d ago

Konami and Castlevania need to make a full impact in the industry, I personally don't think exclusive is the way to go with Castlevania. It would do the best launching on all 4 platforms as Konami is going to have a hard time convincing everyone to buy the game to begin with given their recent history.

darthv72167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

I think i read that the rebirth games will be coming to switch with all new HD graphics so at least some CV game is coming to switch.

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Eltortugagames165d ago

So switch is not your platform of choice eh? Haha

NovusTerminus165d ago

No it's not, it's PC, then PS4, but I will be getting one when Smash Bros comes out, and if Castlevania is exclusive, then I will play it for the Switch. But I'd rather get a nice 4k experience out of it, but I'm happy just playing a new Castlevania.

PhoenixUp168d ago

Mega Man in SSB4 didn’t prompt Capcom to suddenly make a new title in the series. They just decided to do so later on of their own volition.

Conversely Simon & Richter in SSBU isn’t going to get Konami to suddenly make a new title in the series. Let’s not forget Simon and Dracula appeared in Super Bomberman R and we didn’t see any new game in the Castlevania series later on. If a new title would come out they’ll do so when they feel like it, not because a guest appearance prompted them to.

Also Konami in general doesn’t seem to be doing a lot of their franchises justice these days so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

DJK1NG_Gaming168d ago

It's not like games are created in matters of weeks. Plus Mega Man in Smash Bros. was 2014.
Mega Man 11 was definitely started in 2015 or 2016. It not too crazy to think it helped.

PhoenixUp167d ago

Mega Man was announced for SSB4 in 2013. Capcom didn’t start work on Mega Man 11 until after they saw the success of the Legacy Collection. His inclusion in SSB4 is wasn’t the catalyst for Mega Man 11’s creation.

Srhalo168d ago

Just play the Pachinko game.

Fist4achin167d ago

Funny, but thats all konami seems interested in. Thats where the money is at and theyd rather focus on a different kind of gamer now.

porkChop168d ago

It could be coming. I believe Konami said they were looking to bring back other classic franchises after Super Bomberman R. I'd be up for a proper 2D Castlevania again.

FallenAngel1984168d ago

Anytime would be the perfect time for Konami to stop screwing around Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Contra, Suikoden & Castlevania.

I doubt one guest appearance is going to change how they operate as a company. Just look how they handled Metal Gear Survive, a game from one of their most beloved IPs. Super Bomberman R is the only notable recent game from them.

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The story is too old to be commented.