Sea of Thieves Will Never Charge for Expansions, Innovative Monetization Scheme Promised

Sea of Thieves is getting microtransactions some day, but form will they take? Rare is promising a new approach.

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DigitalRaptor198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

Given the sheer lack of content of the base game and how poor it is, they simply couldn't charge for expansions without a huge backlash, just like No Man's Sky would have received on top of the launch fiasco if they attempted to charge for that. This is not the kind of thing I want to see setting trends though. I would like to see free expansions to exist in cases like this, not as some kind of an influential strategy that lets publishers think that it's normal to be releasing $60 games barren of content.

doggo84198d ago

5 disagrees be like: "Nah this is the best game ever and microtransactions suits the game fine despite the lack of content"

Fishy Fingers198d ago

Man, if I had a pound for every hypocritical comment surrounding micro transactions I could buy every car on Gran Turismo...

Eonjay197d ago

Gamer outrage, which corrected Mr schemes in Battlefront 2 and Forza 7 were not fake. The outrage at the complete lack of anything in Sea of Theives (which will probably be shutdown in a year) is not fake.

TheGoodestBoi197d ago

Fishy fingers in case you were painting doggo to be some sort of hypocrite, he said of gran turismos added microtransactions that it was scummy. Now go fuck yourself

doggo84197d ago (Edited 197d ago )

"Man, if I had a pound for every hypocritical comment surrounding micro transactions I could buy every car on Gran Turismo..."

I called out polyphony gran turismo for scummy microtransactions as well, good effort though.

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UltraNova198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

They knew they had little to no content for launch, why did they go ahead and release the game at full price? If MS wasn't so greedy they would do what Epic did and release it as F2P game with constant updated free content but with cosmetic MTs and still make a shit ton of money. Why did they have to tarnish a game with so much potential is beyond me.

MasterCornholio197d ago

I dont think It would ever be as popular as Fortnite.

TheCommentator197d ago

Because they planned on supporting it with post launch content for free.

TheCommentator197d ago

Okay, really? "Lack of content of the base game"?

No one can even play "the base game" any longer because SoT includes all the DLC for free. Besides, the six DLC packages dropping by years' end will have drastically changed the amount of content available to players. Rare launched early, which wasn't the best approach, but you can't simply judge the game by what features it had months ago at launch. Drive Club became a great game after all the updates and no one cared about what it launched with because it's not the game they play either.

Your outlook is the gaming equivalent of judging a theme park by your experience there fifteen years ago, when in reality the park offers a much different experience today.

UltraNova197d ago

Are you really going to defend the practice of releasing an incomplete game at full price, really after NMS?

TheCommentator196d ago

@ Ultra Nova

Are you really going to keep ignoring what people write in their comments just so you can sound important?

I said, "Rare launched early, which wasn't the best approach, but you can't simply judge the game by what features it had months ago at launch." That's not defending anything, and I've even said in other posts before that they should have released it this fall with the first three DLC's incorporated since CD3 was delayed until February.

AspiringProGenji198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

''innovative monetization''

you mean new ways to screw consumers and other to follow. expecting everyone to be okay just because it's ''new?''

Jackhass198d ago

It could go either way -- it doesn't *have* to be terrible. The last big monetization "innovation" was Fortnite's season pass model, and people tolerate those. But yeah, it could go bad.

Kingthrash360198d ago

People tolerate Fortnight because it free.
Sea of theives and nms were....for some reason...full price. Its unacceptable to take a full priced game release it with extremely little content and then promise 'innovative monetization' is just beyond unacceptable.

DragonbornZ198d ago

Possibly, but we'll see.
Constant free content requires some type of revenue for the devs.

Hopefully it'll be a good system.

rainslacker197d ago

It is rather funny that companies find ways to convince customers from parting with their money as something innovative. I like the days where doing that just required making a good game.

Ricegum197d ago

Thank you Rare? You had basically no content in the base game, what is there to thank for?

Relientk77197d ago

"Innovative Monetization Scheme Promised"

Microtransactions are cancer

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