Alan Wake discussions writes

"What platform was used?

The PC. The shots were taken in 1080p resolution (using 4xMSAA) and scaled down to 720p for web release. We are only releasing a few shots, and we wanted these to be usable for print purposes as well, therefore the higher resolution. The game looks very good on Xbox360 too but only runs in 720p.

There's cool Depth-of-Field in the Cabin shot, is this real time?

That shot is from the Cinematic Trailer. We intend to use DOF effects to enhance storytelling in the in-game cinematics, but (at least at the moment) it is done as an offline post process. Otherwise that image is fully rendered by the game engine."

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Pennywise3675d ago

xbox 360 has a DX10 video card in it?

Fishy Fingers3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Source changed, comment rather irrelevant now. Sry ;)

Pennywise3675d ago

Ok well, link was down and I saw 360 is DX10 ready. That is BS and I would think everyone knows it. I think the submitter should fix it...

power of Green 3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

It depends on what they were talking about because the 360 is capable of some DX10 features.

Fishy Fingers3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

This one to.

green3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

cause according to ATI the 360 runs an advanced version of DX9.

"Xbox360 cannot run DX10," an ATI spokesperson told 1up. Currently, Microsoft's console runs an advanced version of DirectX 9, which, according to ATI, features "memory export that can enable DX10-class functionality such as stream-out."

Pennywise3675d ago

Too late to change my comments - but the post did say 360 had the magic of DX10 built in it. Im not crazy!

marinelife93674d ago

Looks good. I wonder how it's going to look on the 360. Far Cry 2 looks way better on the PC than on consoles.

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Nice3675d ago

"I was talking to the heads of Krome Studios and the Creative Assembly last night, discussing all sorts of gaming related things. One topic we discussed was the development of products on consoles and PC. From what they said, developing a game for the 360 usually involves development on a PC platform and due to the nature of the 360, a 360 game is naturally suited to DX10 Vista. It's when you attempt to port it over to older versions of Windows, that the problems start and the budget of the game blows out."

power of Green 3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

From the sounds of it, the only differences between the two versions are that of the initial internet trailer release versions on the Alan Wake site(720p vs 1080p native) which *ANA* will do a dam good gob upconverting anyways, most console games are 720p native, at least the more graphically complex/advanced ones are.

TheNewerGuy3675d ago

Inferior on xbox 360,no surprise here

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3674d ago

The PS3!!! ;-D The shots were taken in 1080p resolution (using the PS3) and scaled down to 720p for the xBox 360!!! ;-D

snipermk03674d ago

I'm just glad its coming on the PC and I don't have to play an inferior console version

TheNewerGuy3675d ago

The playstation 3 is the only console out on the market that can output true hi-definition resolutions without a single problem

power of Green 3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

PS3 couldn't even run it, that is why it is not on the PS3 in the first place, that is the reason, read up. PS3 has trouble with graphically average multi platform games when it comes to HD and Sub HD resolutions(BioShock is getting reviews with comments like: PS3 almost has the older versions effects intact lol).

Outside of pre-rendered games and simple Arcade titles and an old school racer, PS3 rarely reaches greater than 720p.

360 is more powerful or I should say its hardware is designed to end up being more capable lol.

"Dom_D of RaceSimCentral was able to get an insider’s perspective on the game’s development when he was given the chance to try out the game on the Xbox 360. His thoughts about the game"|

"I tried the Ferrari game, all i can say is Holy moly, the gfx are better than Gran turismo, the lighting was spot on, the real time reflections on the car were amazing, the general effects are just a new level. I only drove it on an Xbox 360 pad but it felt really natural, the physics engine has been re-done it seems from scratch, they have a great physics team of 3 guys including Eero from RBR fame! I think the main thing i noticed was the atmosphere, the ambient sounds and graphic effects really make you feel like you are on track, the amount of movement and ‘life’ all around is quite breathtaking.

Anyway, I was quite shocked how much better this looked than most other titles, nothing on the PC comes close.”

Pennywise3675d ago

PoG, do you actually believe the crap you say?

meepmoopmeep3675d ago

"PS3 couldn't even run it, that is why it is not on the PS3 in the first place"

uhhh.... it's not on the PS3 because MS acquired Remedy.

Kain813675d ago

MS dont acquired Remedy.
They bought only the exclusive publishing Rights.
Max Pain 3 will be Multi Platt

Man_of_the_year3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

You're awsome POG - bubbles to you for backing up ALL your comments while PS3 fanboys just make claimes up and say its fact!!!

It's not POG saying it - It's POG quoting a reliable source saying it...

meepmoopmeep3674d ago

my bad, well, you get what i mean :)

power of Green 3674d ago

Ferrari Project

Alan Wake

"Is Alan Wake exclusive to Windows Vista? If so why? #

Petri Järvilehto had this to say on the official Alan Wake forums (18/05/06):

“I’ll confirm that Alan Wake is Vista and 360 exclusive. I know some people have reacted strongly to that, but for us this was one of the key decisions that will allow us to create the best possible game.

We’ve locked this down a while ago, and being able to focus on fewer platforms means that the game is going to kick more ass than ever before. By going with Vista, we don’t have to compromise everything to the lowest common PC denominator and since we’re not doing a PS3 version we can go all out with PC and 360 multithreading, HDR rendering etc. This focus benefits the tech and game design immensely"

Long Story short this means PS3 is inferior and is not capable of the quality of the product they wanted.

Thank you *Man_of_the_year* bubbles back.

zo6_lover273674d ago


Long story short, it's because the architecture of a 360 and a PC are similar. Not because ps3 is inferior in any way, which its not.

MrWonderful3674d ago


what ferrari game do you speak of? the only one that i know of is exclusive to ps3.

mario8883674d ago

I know if I just want to get a laugh, all I have to do is look for a PoG Post.

Dark Collosis3674d ago

Sorry but those GT5 pics look like crap compared to the ferrari ones posted by POG, but i will say GT5 does look good AND has alot of cars.. To bad its lacking in other areas. But its funny how much you all look blindly at what is being posted.. FACT of the matter is the difference between the HD consoles is very minimal. I will say this though if MS would of used HDDVD/BLUERAY instead of DVD we would see much more of a gap between it and the PS3.. The idiots who say that the 360 has peeked are nothing short of ignorant.

Man_of_the_year3674d ago

You need to do more research then - along with the ignorant fools that agree with you...oh look POG stepped up and did it for you - damn you guys are spoiled. Just Click on the Ferrari project Link

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