3 Reasons You Probably Hate Open World Games

"Open world games don’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. While that means more advances as games get better, it also means the potential for more problems"

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KyRo97d ago

Without reading the article open world game have became boring because a lot of them have brilliantly built world's with some of the laziest mission designs ever. Also with open worlds once you've seen it once it loses its appeal. With story based linar games your constantly moving through a ever changing environment, seeing new things, locations, buildings. Uncharted 4 had the right idea with big wide open areas that lead to a linear section to progress the game forward.

Open world games are also filed with so much throwaway content such as search 100 collectables, chest etc for little reward to make the game seem bigger than it is.

chris23597d ago

i am not supporting open world games blindly anymore because most developpers are not able to create an open world that is meaningful. most of them are getting repetitive asf with their open world. repetitive missions to fill the void i am no longer ready to pay for. or similar stuff. i am not supporting devs who go „let‘s hop on the train and fake an openworld, it‘s the thing at the moment“. such mindsets no one needs but the industry is full of them.

Lexreborn297d ago

Map size is probably my top reason on why I’m not fond of open games. Horizon Zero dawn is a beautiful game. But the moment I zoomed out the map... saw how big it was... I haven’t returned.

Then to have a deep story embedded into a game of that caliber but traveling is tedious and not fun? That bothers me as well.

Surprisingly enough FF15 held my attention. Not sure if it’s because of the new content they kept adding by the time I played it. Or how they handled the quest where I can get them and just activate a ton of them but be in that general region.

Haven’t had the urge to finish BoTW, HZD or Witcher 3.

Psychotica97d ago

Really? I am just the opposite. When I open a map and I see how big it is I can't wait to dive in and explore. Most of the time I finish an open world game I wish the map had been even bigger.

Lexreborn296d ago

Yeaahhhh that’s not me, and most Open worlds have zero happening in between you traveling. If I wanted to see nothing in an open world I’d go outside. I much rather have a scensory overload in an open world then vast areas of nothing.

CDbiggen96d ago

Playing through sleeping dogs right now, that has a good open world I think. Not too big, something to interact with on nearly every street.

Genova8496d ago

1. Too many stupid quests. Yes.
2. Map is too big. Yes.
3. There are too many of them. Yes.

Hit some truths there.

Final Fantasy IV and VI hot the sweet spot when it comes to the amount of side shit I like. VII, was a wee bit too much, though I still got Knights of the Round and kill emerald. XIII, way too linear, opposite problem and XV way too open.

Also, XV, my God! My home city is destroyed! My dad is dead! My betroved is probably dead! Let's take selfies and go fishing!

Game can go F itself.

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