Rumor Killers: Forward Compatable Xbox, Sony Firmware Issues, Trophies May Mean Something

"A "forward compatible" Xbox, Sony's firmware woes continue, and Trophies may be worth something more than pride as we go shopping for candy corn and fun sized Snickers"

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ihaten4glol3652d ago

If we could turn gamerscores from the 360 into prizes, that would create an insatiable legion of achievement whores. Ick.

DJ3652d ago

2.5 was rock solid. ._.

3652d ago
360rxorz3652d ago

Hahahah 'Sony firmware issues' hahaha more like failware. Hahaha sony cant even put out fecvent dosveter reaijila software ofr their console hahaha no wonder hteyaoihfiak fhkehgkelhgl gjhwww heutea they fail hahaha!

Horny Melon3652d ago

are standard features/mods/etc on PCs.....They have mods for Oblivion that take advantage of newer PCs they have one called better towns which removes the walls for most of the cities. The have another for greater draw distances. All Microsoft is going to do is put out mods for the original games to make them slightly better. There is nothing though that is going to magically give these games higher poly counts or better animation. The picture will be cleaner and crisper, the download speeds will be better, but nothing magical is going to happen. Hype, hype, hype, hype.

helrazor3433651d ago

I think they should give out the free swag kind of stuff (like what they give out at the trade shows, etc.), something that was related to the games the trophies are earned in. Wishful thinking, I know, or maybe even earn discounts towards future purchases both online and retail. Guess we'll just see when, or even if things pan out.