EmuParadise has removed its entire library of retro game ROMs and ISOs

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Popular ROM/ISO site EmuParadise has removed its entire collection of retro games and has issued a partial "goodbye" statement.

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Srhalo74d ago

this is a real shame, well off the thepiratebay I guess.

T1125P74d ago

Exactly The Pirate Bay does have some ROM collections that other torrent sites do not.

GottaBjimmyb74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Man, this is. A really bad thing for those who emulate, but especially bad for the archival of otherwise non-existent are essentially unobtainable games, this is a really crappy thing.

This is not what most consider harmful in terms of pirating games, etc, because these games are largely not even purchasable anymore, let alone on it's original hardware, that money will never go to the devs regardless. Pretty disappointing for sure.

NecrumOddBoy74d ago

This is the issue I feel too. There is 1000s of games and over 40+ years of gaming history that has been archived in these files and they are all lost. It's a real shame because at a certain point you can't just Square Enix-it and keep charging for your old ass games. At a point they all need to be released to the world, like old films, poems, books, etc. I am 100% against pirating games, but preservation of history is not this. Gaming history should be shared and admired. I would love to see a database somewhere that we can access. After 10 or 20 years.... It should be free to the public in my opinion.

Brave_Losers_Unite74d ago

Nintendo did this because they are going to release other versions of mini NES systems. Scumbags!

FinalFantasyFanatic74d ago

This is where I'm torn, I highly value preservation of classic games, especially when it's hard to find a way to acquire and play them. That and Nintendo is. Reluctant to a vc (the Switch is perfect for this), especially for reasonable prices.

bluefox75573d ago

Emulation has effectively preserved gaming history.

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Fullmetalevolust74d ago

This is a real shame, especially because it is the greedy actions of one that's creating this domino effect.
Emuparadise held all sorts of ROM's of now defunct consoles (as in no longer in production) and whose game sales do not benefit the developers anymore.
Whatever format you currently have your original games on will not last forever, hell, the former gen consoles we love, won't last forever. Sites like these keep those games intact.
What are we to do now? Hunt these rom sites before they go down and dld all the games we need into a hard drive?
Torrents die and aren't always reliable. It is sad to see such hard work wiped by such greed.
I don't know that all the games hosted there will ever be re-released and some of them are almost impossible to find or purchase bc their cost have gone exorbitantly up.
These old games should become public domain after a while if no one claims their copyright.

FinalFantasyFanatic74d ago

To be fair, so of those game developer/companies don't exist anymore. Those games at least should be public domain for the sake of preservation.

HentaiElmo74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

The site files been taken down from the site doesn’t mean they are lost forever it just mean we can’t access them but they can upload them to torrent sites like Pirate Bay anonymously and everyone would be able to get them and the site can’t be targeted for a lawsuit

Sirk7x73d ago

I'd suggest using a VPN if you're not already, very easy to get DMCA notices these days.

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Spurg74d ago

This is a disaster...Sometimes I don't want to bust out my older consoles just to play a game. I find playing older games on an emulator so much easier and accessible to play on.

I know it wasn't legal to host those games but still, I made me reminisce on some games I used to play.

I can see that most of the illegal way to attain games and other sources of entertainment were been disappearing from the internet. If those publishers want me to buy their older classic game which should give it a reasonable price. For example, I refuse to pay £11.99 for Chrono trigger on steam.

FinalFantasyFanatic74d ago

The prices for old games are shocking, or in some cases, there just isn't a way to obtain those games.

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Cobra95173d ago

When was the last time that something popular on the internet completely disappeared from the internet? Come on. The players may change; but the game remains the same.

ZeekQuattro74d ago

I used to use that site years ago. It was one that consistently worked for it.

Apocalypse Shadow74d ago (Edited 74d ago )

Wow! The hammer is being dropped everywhere. Now emuparadise.

Good thing I enjoyed their services beforehand with forever lasting joy....wink!