Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Trailer Due Tomorrow

Rockstar has revealed the gameplay trailer of their eagerly awaited game with a great new image.

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sander970274d ago

Finally that took it's long arse time but I'm sure it was worth the wait, my expectations are that this is going to be the best game Rockstar has ever made possible even best game period. We'll see tomorrow though!

Garethvk74d ago

I am hoping we will see this at Gamescom and PAX West.

Ceaser985736174d ago

Gameplay trailer? lol! So that's like 3-4 mins Max.. I hope I am wrong but if its true I will be kind of disappointed.. Next One be a MP trailer around Oct. I guess.

Garethvk74d ago

I am curious what the reaction will be.

Garethvk74d ago

Anyone else find it interesting that they drop this the day Quakecon opens and we will see Bethesda rolling out trailers?

locomorales74d ago

Bad timming. SSB Ultimate Direct will overshadow this game.

Profchaos74d ago

No it really won't it's not even coming to Nintendo. Rockstar and red dead have caused a number of high profile releases to delay until next year to avoid going against red dead

Garethvk74d ago

Or to jump early. But they have moved a lot.

Garethvk74d ago

You are joking right? When a heavy Hitter like Call of Duty jumps their release up by a month to beat it to market I am sure they are not even worried about SSB.

raWfodog74d ago

Maybe for the SSB crowd but I believe a lot more people will be interested in RDR2 gameplay reveal. At least that's my opinion, nothing concrete.

jbull74d ago

RDR2 will probably be the biggest selling console game this year.

stupidusername74d ago

Smash direct won’t overshadow rdr2. It’s a reply to the first post.

Brave_Losers_Unite74d ago

I dont even know what SSB Ultimate Direct even means!

sizeofyou74d ago

Super Smash Brothers.
That WILL outsell RDR2 on Switch...
...drop in the R* ocean...

badz14973d ago


RDR2 is not gonna be on Switch. what are you talking about?

sizeofyou73d ago

My point entirely (against locomorales argument)...but obviously lost...

JackBNimble73d ago

RDR2 is multiplatform, so between ps4 and Xbox you think a switch exclusive is going to over shadow anything?
Even if the switch sells to 50% of it's user base that's around 10 Mil which would be amazing but doubtful.
If ps4 and Xbox combined sell to even 10% of their user base that's around 12 Mil.
The switch just doesn't have the user base to make such bold claims, not yet anyway.

jznrpg73d ago (Edited 73d ago )

What is SSB? Oh Super Smash , yeah I doubt it. Fighter with kid appeal vs open world western rpg .

BrettAwesome73d ago

Timming? You read that word in the bibble?

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The story is too old to be commented.