EA creates "moral compass" to prevent Battlefront II-like disasters

Has EA learned their lesson?

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XiNatsuDragnel74d ago

I say no but that's my opinion. What is yours people?

UltraNova73d ago

The words "Moral" and " EA" are the two most opposite words in the entire English language, so no, not a chance.

rainslacker73d ago

How man times has ea in the past said they are listening.and going to do right by the gamers.

A company shouldn't need to institute a moral compass as a policy. It should just be because it's what the company stands for. It's part of most mission statement. Making it a policy just makes it sound like that want to make sure whatever they do won't piss people off

UltraNova73d ago

Smoke and mirrors man its as simple as that...

DonkeyWalrus73d ago

We here at EA have been listening closely to our customers. We are excited to announce that we are building new ways for you to pay for games. All future games going forward will include a brand new, revolutionary feature that allows you to connect your bank account directly to ours. Payers will have the freedom to pay how ever much they feel like, at any time they choose. They can even set up automatic recurring payments, with fully customizable payment options, or you could simply choose the EAsy setup with EA recommended settings. With a quick press of a button you could be on your way to paying in ways you never thought possible before. And the best part is it's available... today.

rainslacker73d ago


LOL. That's thinking small. EA should just allow direct deposit of my paycheck into their coffers. That would be more convenient.

UltraNova72d ago (Edited 72d ago )

Lol, this thread needs to be deleted asap, before an EA employee reads it and take "his" brilliant ideas to the suits!

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Activemessiah74d ago

NO...they haven't and never will.

Eonjay73d ago

If you buy that they learned their lesson, I have some microtransactions to sell you lol.

Jinger73d ago

We will see, but I doubt it.

Godmars29073d ago

"We'll see" from the same company that's broken their own games and franchises with microtransactions multiple times?

gutteranthems73d ago

Lol. Sorry EA, you came up with that idea a little late

Gh05t73d ago

Good luck with that. The few EA employees I have talked with dont share a respect for gamers needed to make this work. Start looking around your own offices and get a real feel for how people think of the same people you are trying to sell games to.

That to me is the crux of why EA continues to go downhill. They are making games but truly some of the people that have working their hate gamers. You cant provide goods and services that are exquisite when you hate the people you are making them for.

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